Calendar Basque Country Hillclimb Championship 2018

The Hillclimb Championship of the Basque Country currently consists of 8 rounds. However the Subida a Gorla could still be added at a later date.

CANCELLEDSubida a OpakuaOpakuaBasque
CANCELLEDSubida a GorlaBergaraBasque
CANCELLEDSubida a SalinasEskoriatzaBasque
22/08/2020Subida a AiaAiaBasque
05/09/2020Subida a Bakio - JataBakioBasque
CANCELLEDSubida a SollubeBermeoBasque
19-20/09/2020Subida a JaizkibelLezoBasque
18/10/2020Subida a UrrakiAzpeitiaBasque

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