Title:Subida al Parque del Castillo
Tracklength:1700 metres
Elevation change:90 metres
Altitude finishline:1095 metres
GPS coordinates:41° 45′ 41″ – -2° 27′ 17″
Fastest Time:2:34,32 (2 runs)
Average Speed:79,32 km/h

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Subida al Parque del Castillo – List of Winners
14/10/2001José Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:16,74Results
13/10/2002José Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:28,18Results
12/10/2003José Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:25,80Results
10/10/2004Josep Maria GuitartSpeed Car2:22,07Results
10/10/2010Andrés VilariñoNorma M202:34,32Results
09/10/2011Juan Antonio CastilloSilver Car S22:41,72Results
14/10/2012Pedro MoreraSubaru Impreza WRC3:03,91Results
13/10/2013Pedro MoreraSubaru Impreza WRC2:43,95Results
12/10/2014Pedro MoreraSubaru Impreza WRC2:43,06Results
11/10/2015Pedro MoreraSubaru Impreza WRC2:50,56Results
09/10/2016Juan Antonio CastilloSpeed Car GTR2:41,68Results
15/10/2017Javier SotoSemog Kart-Cross2:50,96Results
14/10/2018Juan Antonio CastilloSpeed Car GTR3:08,23Results
13/10/2019José AlonsoSemog PR012:54,26Results

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