Results Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen) 2017

Hristo Manolov dominated the season opener of the Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship this weekend. There were three practise sessions at the Memorial Valeri Velikov and Manolov set fastest time in all three. There were also three race sessions and Manolov set fastest times in all three of them too. Julian Teliyski had a small practise crash. But even without it he was still three seconds slower than Manolov in every session. Georgi Vasilev, Martin Surilov and Petko Manolov finished 3-4-5. Neither of these drivers will compete a full season. Sixth was the winner of class 3 Stefan Stoev who fought a tense battle for class victory with Ivelin Chapanov. Teammates Jordan Todorov and Alexander Dimitrov were very closely matched in class 4. Although the difference was just 3,5 seconds in the end, Todorov was the fastest of the two every time. Class 5 dominated by Pavel Shenkov with his Lada 2107.

08-09/04/2017 – Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 ManolovHristoMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXH15:24,64
2 TeliyskiJulianMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXH25:36,62
3 VasilevGeorgiMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXH25:45,88
4 SurilovMartinMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXR25:47,32
5 ManolovPetkoSubaru ImprezaH15:48,44
6 StoevStefanHonda CivicH35:55,27
7 ChapanovIvelinRenault Clio MaxiH35:56,47
8 TodorovJordanCitroën SaxoH46:00,00
9 DimitrovAlexanderCitroën SaxoH46:03,50
10 AtanasovHristoCitroën C2 VTSR46:16,86
11 BozhilovDimitarCitroën SaxoR46:17,87
12 IvanovDinkoCitroën C2R2R46:18,70
13 GeorgievGeorgiSubaru ImprezaH16:26,93
14 GeorgievNikolayBMW E36H26:27,17
15 ShenkovPavelLada 2107H56:29,95
16 BakalovPeterRenault ClioR46:30,46
17 RusevRosenHonda CivicR36:30,60
18 KostovRosenPeugeot 106H46:31,94
19 BorisovDobrinRenault Clio Kit-CarH36:31,95
20 RusevPavlinCitroën SaxoR56:35,00
21 VeselinovIskrenHonda CivicH46:38,03
22 KrastevKrasimirPeugeot 106R56:40,77
23 StoyanovBoyanRenault MeganeH36:42,98
24 AtanasovTodorVAZ 2108H46:43,05
25 ZhivkovZhivkoVAZ 2105H56:46,69
26 DenevNedialkoPeugeot 106H46:47,75
27 ObretenovPeterCitroën SaxoR46:49,51
28 HristovSimeonOpel TigraH56:49,64
29 PetkovRostislavHonda CivicR36:50,15
30 KondevDimitarPeugeot 106R56:53,49
31 StoyanovMarianHonda CivicR56:53,83
32 ObretonovYasenBMW E30H26:56,29
33 ShopovYasenCitroën SaxoR46:59,04
34 DechkovIvoSeat IbizaH37:01,32
35 PondevIskrenPeugeot 106H57:13,45
36 DotchevDobromirSuzuki SwiftH57:14,54
37 KortelovNikolayCitroën C2R37:23,92
38 KiradzhievKalinHonda CivicH57:33,30
39 RizaAliVAZ 2107H47:36,55
40 IlievIlyiaPeugeot 106H57:42,51
41 BoevMikhailVAZ 21083H47:58,61

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