Preview and Entrylist Memorial Valeri Velikov 2017

The Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship starts this weekend in Shumen with the Memorial Valeri Velikov. It is one of the highlights of the season for drivers and fans alike. This year the raceweekend starts with the unveiling of a monument for Valeri Velikov. The monument will be a permanent tribute to one of Bulgarias best rally drivers.

The provisional entrylist counts almost 50 drivers. Not entered at this moment is reigning champion Lyuben Kamenov, although he might still be added later. 7-time winner of this event Ilyia Tsarski is probably the favourite for victory. The surprise of last season was without a doubt Julian Teliyski. In his first season the young driver immediately secured the H2 class title and was third overall in the championship. This year he returns for another full campaign with his Mitsubishi Lancer. It is the same car as 2016 but unrecognizable due to an agressive new aero package.

08-09/04/2017 – Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 TsarskiIlyiaMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXH1
2 ManolovPetkoSubaru ImprezaH1
3 ManolovHristoMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXH1
4 GeorgievGeorgiSubaru ImprezaH1
5 TeliyskiJulianMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXH2
6 GeorgievNikolayBMWH2
7 ObretonovYasenBMWH2
8 SurilovMartinMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXR2
9 VassilevGeorgeMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXR2
10 StoevStefanHonda CivicH3
11 TodorovTodorVolkswagen PoloH3
12 ChapanovIvelinRenault Clio MaxiH3
13 BorisovDobrinRenault Clio Kit-CarH3
14 DechkovIvoSeat IbizaH3
15 StoyanovBoyanRenault MeganeH3
16 PetkovRostislavHonda CivicR3
17 TodorovJordanCitroën SaxoH4
18 DimitrovAlexanderCitroën SaxoH4
19 DenevNedialkoPeugeot 106H4
20 VeselinovIskrenHonda CivicH4
21 RizaAliVAZ 2107H4
22 BoevMikhailVAZ 21083H4
23 DenevEmilVolkswagen PoloH4
24 KostovRosenPeugeot 106H4
25 AtanasovTodorVAZ 2108H4
26 RusevTsvetomirSuzuki SwiftH4
27 BozhilovDimitarCitroën SaxoR4
28 IvanovDinkoCitroën C2R2R4
29 BakalovPeterRenault ClioR4
30 AtanasovHristoCitroën C2 VTSR4
31 AngelovIvanCitroën SaxoR4
32 ObretenovPeterCitroën SaxoR4
33 ShopovYasenCitroën SaxoR4
34 KortelovNikolayR4
35 ShenkovPavelLada 2105H5
36 ZhivkovZhivkoVAZ 2105H5
37 HristovSimeonOpel TigraH5
38 PondevIskrenPeugeot 106H5
39 DobrevVelizarVAZ 2101H5
40 DotchevDobromirSuzuki SwiftH5
41 IlievIlyiaPeugeot 206H5
42 KiradzhievKalinHonda CivicH5
43 ChristozovPeterCitroën SaxoR5
44 RusevPavlinCitroën SaxoR5
45 KrastevKrasimirPeugeot 106R5
46 KondevDimitarPeugeot 106R5

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