Results Rampa da Penha 2017

Pedro Salvador snatched a dramatic victory at the Rampa da Penha this weekend. At the season opener of the Portuguese Hillclimb Championship Salvador debuted his new Silver Car EF10. Things went wrong on Saturday when engine problems grounded his new car. This allowed Rui Ramalho to steer his own new Osella PA2000 to fastest time in the first race. But the decision would fall in the remaining two races on Sunday. Salvador managed to repair his car in time to take home the victory. The margins were very slim however, .256 seconds in the first race and just .033 seconds in the second race! A great start to the new season. The other drivers could not dollow the two leaders. Third placed Paulo Ramalho had to give 17 seconds on the two leaders.

In category 2 a similar scenario developed. Gonçalo Manahu suffered mechanical problems in the first race on Saturday. But the Porsche driver recovered to take vcitroy with a lead of just .8 seconds on José Correia. Category 3 saw the most retirements but João Guimarães probably would have won anyway. In category 4 Manuel Correia dominated the event in his Ford Fiesta R5. Category 5 on the hand was decided by less than a second. Joaquim Teixeira set fastest time of the weekend but Luis Nunes was more consistent. In the end Nunes won with a margin of just 0.579 seconds.

08-09/04/2017 – Rampa da Penha
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 SalvadorPedroSilver Car EF101/E2-SC/32:39,484
2 RamalhoRuiOsella PA2000 E21/E2-SC/32:39,773
3 RamalhoPauloOsella PA21/S EVO1/CN/32:56,744
4 FonsecaJoãoBRC CM05 EVO1/CM/12:58,424
5 SilvaHelderJuno CN091/E2-SC/32:59,318
6 GuimarãesNunoBRC CM021/CM/13:00,685
7 ManahuGonçaloPorsche 997 GT3 Cup2/GT/53:05,406
8 CorreiaManuelFord Fiesta R54/E1-FIA/103:05,515
9 CorreiaJoséNissan GT-R Nismo GT32/GT/53:06,331
10 NunesLuisSeat Leon5/TRF/143:06,335
11 TeixeiraJoaquimRenault Megane Trophy5/TRF/143:06,914
12 ReisEdgarPorsche 997 GT3 Cup2/GT/53:07,184
13 SilvaLuisBMW M3 E304/E1B/103:08,746
14 LoboMiguelAudi RS3 TCRTNTCR/TCR/253:12,869
15 MarrãoFranciscoSeat Leon Supercopa5/TRF/143:19,617
16 GomesJosé PedroFord Escort MK16/H75/163:23,000
17 GuimarãesJoãoPeugeot 206 RC3/A1/73:27,760
18 TeixeiraJoséPeugeot 2085/TRF/123:27,951
19 SalgueiroFernandoFord Escort MK2TRFM/G5/223:29,487
20 TeixeiraAntonioPeugeot 2085/TRF/123:30,780
21 LuisCarlosSeat Leon TDi3/A1/83:32,397
22 NogueiraSergioCitroën Saxo3/A1/63:34,393
23 LoureiroRicardoFord Escort MK2TRFM/G5/223:37,545
24 SummavielleParcidioDatsun 260Z6/H71/173:38,708
25 RoloAnibalDatsun 1200 CoupéTNCM/H75/203:38,871
26 OliveiraCarlosBMW E21TNG5/G5/233:39,968
27 PintoNunoMazda MX-54/E1B/93:43,242
28 GuerraMarcoPeugeot 3064/E1B/93:43,660
29 GomesDomingosCitroën Saxo VTS3/A1/63:43,707
30 FreitasArmandoToyota StarletTNM/A1/193:46,830
31 LeiteFranciscoFiat PuntoTNM/TRF/193:47,930
32 SousaRicardoFiat Punto 85TNM/TRF/193:49,947
33 FernandesAugustoFord Escort MK16/H75/163:55,022
34 FigueiredoJosé PedroDatsun 1200TNCM/H71/204:07,897
35 MesquitaMarioDatsun 1600 SSS6/H71/164:08,537
36 OliveiraJoséSubaru Impreza3/A2/84:12,667
37 FernandesDomingosAutobianchi A112TNCM/H75/204:33,670

08-09/04/2017 – Rampa da Penha (Regional)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 SilvaDomingosPeugeot 106X1/91:46,994
2 SousaFernandoPeugeot 206X1/91:53,521
3 FreitasAntonioCitroën SaxoX1/91:59,100
4 CostaJoãoNissan MicraX1/82:09,820

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