Calendar French Historic Hillclimb Championship (VHC) 2019

The calendar for the French Historic Hillclimb Championship counts just 12 events. They join the modern championship in all rounds except La Pommeraye and Hébécrevon. The 12th round sees the historics visit Quillan in the far south of the country. There are no stand-alone events next year.


Calendar French Hillclimb Championship Division 2 2019

Five rounds are scheduled for the 2019 French Hillclimb Championship Division 2. Not a lot of races but on the other had there are some absolute classic events. The Course de Côte du Haut Cantal / Super Lioran had a long history in the French Championship while the Course de Côte de Mont Ventoux is …


Calendar Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship 2019

The current season is almost over so we can start dreaming about next year. The schedules for 2019 will be released in the coming weeks. Of course they will be posted here on this website as soon as possible. We start with the calendar of the Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship, also known as the ASAF …