Results Wyścigu Górskiego Prządki (Korczyna) 2017

The Wyścigu Górskiego Prządki near Korczyna was the final round of the Polish Hillclimb Championship. With a double victory Waldemar Kluza placed some extra glory on his new championship title. The Skoda Fabia pilot was the best in dry conditions on Saturday and again in the wet on Sunday. Former champion Mariusz Stec finished second and third in Korczyna. The Ford Fiesta pilot did not compete in every event this year but is planning to do a full championship challenge in 2018. Roman Baran ended the season at his home event with a fifth and a second.

Piotr Ostrowski became the Group A champion with two victories at Korczyna. Rafal Serafinowicz did the same in Group N. Michal Zywarski was already certain of the APL championship and did not visit Korczyna. Gabriel Kubit was brilliant in the Honda Integra. He even breached the top 10 on Sunday. Kubit is also the new E0 champion. Apart from the overall touringcar title, Waldemar Kluza is also the new champion in E1.

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Results Grand Prix Sopot 2017

Last weekend saw the 20th Grand Prix Sopot succesfully completed. Over 60 drivers travelled all the way up to the Polish coast this year. It is one of the better tracks of Mariusz Stec and the Ford Fiesta pilot was aiming for his 14th victory this year. Even though Stec broke the trackrecord twice, there was one driver who was even quicker than him. Championship leader Waldemar Kluza steered his Skoda Fabia to double victory on Saturday and Sunday.

Michal Ratajczyk was another driver on fire this weekend. The Group A winner managed to place himself third overall on Saturday. On Sunday it looked like he was going to repeat that achievement but instead he got disqualified… “Dubai” benefitted from this as he moved up to the final podium step.

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Results Jankov Vrsok 2017

Results of the Jankov Vrsok near Uhrovec.

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Results Wyścigu Górskiego Limanowa – Przełęcz pod Ostrą 2017

Results of the Wyścigu Górskiego Limanowa – Przełęcz pod Ostrą.

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Results Wyścig Gorski Magura Małastowska 2017

Results of the Wyścig Gorski Magura Małastowska.
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Results Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-Zaluz 2017

The Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-Zaluz was the second round of the International Hillclimb Cup (IHCC). Vaclav Janik and his teammates appear to be the only drivers aiming for the title in the sportscar category. Laszlo Hernadi was the only non-local driver in the production category. In the E1 category there were only local drivers present. As usual there was a complete event on Saturday and another complete event on Sunday. Only the Sunday event counted towards the IHCC.

Conditions were difficult on Sunday with cold temperatures and rain. Waldemar Kluza was the best in these conditions. He steered his Skoda Fabia S2000 to fastest time and victory. “Dubai” was second while Czech driver Karel Treny completed the podium. Reigning champion Igor Drotar had to retire early and scored no points.

On Sunday conditions improved and the drivers were welcomed by sun and warm weather. Bad luck for Igor Drotar as he retired again after a crash. Kluza and Treny also scored no points as their Skodas ran into mechanical problems. “Dubai” benefitted from the misfortune of his rivals as he scored maximum points for the Polish Championship. The Mitsubishi Lancer pilot did not win the event however as that honour was for Vaclav Janik. Jozef Beres jr. placed his Tatuus PY012 sportscar on the third step of the podium.

Apart from the IHCC and the Polish Championship, the event also counted towards the Slovak Hillclimb Championship. Polish driver “Dubai” has registered for this championship, hoping to steal it away like Slovak driver Igor Drotar stole the Polish Championship last year. He took a succesful step at Zaluz as he was the best ‘Slovak’ driver. Jozef Beres was second best while Peter Jurena was third fastest on both days.

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Calendar Polish Hillclimb Championship 2017

Singleseaters and sportscars will only compete at Zaluz, Limanowa, Jankov Vrsok and Korczyna.

13-14/05/2017Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-ZaluzZaluz
24-25/06/2017Wyścig Gorski Magura MałastowskaGorlice
15-16/07/2017Wyścigu Górskiego Limanowa – Przełęcz pod OstrąLimanowa
05-06/08/2017Jankov VrsokBanovce
19-20/08/2017Grand Prix SopotSopot
CANCELLEDWyścig Górski SiennaSienna
16-17/09/2017Wyscigu Górskiego „Przadki”Korczyna

Results Wyscig Gorski Przadki (Korczyna) 2016

Results of the Wyscig Gorski Przadki (Korczyna).

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Results Grand Prix Sopot 2016

Results of the Grand Prix Sopot.

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Results Wyścigu Górskiego Limanowa – Przełęcz pod Ostrą 2016

Results of the Wyścigu Górskiego Limanowa – Przełęcz pod Ostrą.

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