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Greece is all over the news these days so I thought to join in and dedicate some space to hillclimb racing in Greece. Dedicated hillclimb fans of course know that Greece hosted a European Hillclimb Championship event twice. During the first two seasons the Mont Parnes Hillclimb near Athens was part of the championship. In 1957 it was the season ender, while in 1958 it was the season opener. Graf Wolfgang Berghe von Trips won both events in a Porsche. Although the Mont Parnes hillclimb was not popular with the international drivers, it continued many years after as a national Championship event.

Today the Greek Hillclimb Championship counts seven events and there is also a second division with four events. You can view the calendar of the events here. Ritsona is the most popular event of the schedule. Its 2015 edition was competed in March and attracted some 100 drivers.

The championship is divided into four categories. The names of Group A and Group N speak for themselves, they follow international regulations and include cars out of homologation. The third category is called Group E, a Greek specific-class. Very simply stated these are touringcars like Group A, but without the correct homologations. There are championships for all three categories overall, and for 2WD drive cars in every class (so 6 championships total). The fourth category is called Formula Saloon (FS). Here almost everything can be modified, which makes it similar to the international E1 and E2-SH regulations. The competitors in FS are not allowed at the more dangerous hillclimbs and they only compete for a Cup. There is also a historic hillclimb championship alongside the modern championship.

The championship continues 25-26 July with the Kastania Hillclimb in Greek Macedonia… at least if Greece is not declared bankrupt before that!

Click on ‘More’ to view some videos of the Greek Hillclimb Championship.

Ritsona 2015

Ritsona 2015

Kymi 2015

Achladokampos 2015

If you want to view more videos of Greek Hillclimb Racing I recommend the channels “Unknown Productions” and “MK2 Racing Videos” as good starting points.

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  1. Demetrio says:

    Thank you very much!!
    Where do you can see the results?

  2. Heuvelklim says:


    Thank you for your reply. You can find the results on the website of the Greek Motorsport Authority “Omae”. This is a direct link to the results:

    As they are (protected?) pdf’s I cannot seem to copy them correctly or translate them into ‘our’ letters. That is why the results are not on this website.

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