Title:Mont Parnes Hillclimb / Mount Parnitha / Mount Parnis
Tracklength:10000 metres
Elevation change:530 metres
Altitude finishline:1015 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 8′ 13″ – 23° 44′ 23″

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Part of the European Hillclimb Championship in 1957 and 1958. In 1957 the length was 6000 metres and in 1958 the length increased to 10000 metres. The event continued in the national championship until some time in the 1980’s.

In the days of the European Championship the race was included by the (French!) CSI on the calendar as Course de Côte de Mont Parnes. Even though Mont Parnes is a French title, publications in other countries/languages continue to call this hillclimb Mont Parnes.

I have not found an exact map, so the location of the start and finish are my best guesses based on video and photographic evidence. Corrections and/or additional information is always welcome.

Mont Parnes Hillclimb – Accomodation

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