Results Vrachasiou Hillclimb 2017

The Vrachasiou Hillclimb was the first event of the Greek Hillclimb Cup South. Around two dozen drivers participated in this hillclimb on Crete last Sunday. Giorgos Anapiolotakis was the strongest driver present. The Seat Ibiza Kit-Car driver won the race with a seven second lead. On the podium he was joined by two Mitsubishi Lancer pilots Dimitris Ktistakis and Giannis Nikolidakis.

19/03/2017 – Vrachasiou Hillclimb
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 AnapoliotakisGiorgosSeat IbizaA7 KC4:34,74
2 KtistakisDimitrisPeugeot 306A74:41,61
3 NikolidakisGiannisPeugeot 106 S16A64:47,10
4 ZervakisMichalisPeugeot 205E104:51,73
5 KafetzakisGiannisPeugeot 106 S16A64:51,98
6 AlexakisManolisMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIA84:52,34
7 KorovezosDimitrisCitroën Saxo VTSE104:53,80
8 MaragkakisAndreasPeugeot 106 S16A64:54,10
9 KazanasDimitrisMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIIIN44:54,61
10 PeroulakisGiorgosHonda CivicA64:56,58
11 DamianakisGiannisPeugeot 205E104:58,81
12 NistikakisManosCitroën Saxo VTSE105:04,00
13 GompakisLeuterisHonda Civic Type-RA75:05,51
14 NikolitsisMichalisPeugeot 106 S16A65:05,95
15 IoannidisGiorgosCitroën AXE95:09,82
16 KourasmenakisGiorgosBMW M3E125:15,75
17 PoulakisMichalisToyota YarisA55:16,24
18 StmatakisStratosPeugeot 106A5 KC5:23,98
19 VranasGiannisPeugeot 106N25:28,67
20 ManinakisArtemisHonda CivicE115:30,48
21 AndrisTheodosisSuzuki SwiftE95:43,15
22 “Flex”Peugeot 106 RallyeE95:43,16

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