Results Dimitsana – Zygovistiou Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Dimitsana – Zygovistiou Hillclimb.

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Results Livadi Hillclimb 2017

Results of the Livadi Hillclimb.

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Results Pititsa Hillclimb (Patras) 2017

Results of the Pititsa Hillclimb near Patras.

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Results Achladokampos Hillclimb 2017

The fourth round of the Greek Hillclimb Championship was the Achladokampos Hillclimb. Halfway during the second race the rain came pouring down. This had a significant effect on the raceresults, especially in Group A.

Leonidas Kyrkos was the final driver to compete on a completely dry track. For that reason the Ford Escort WRC pilot was the fastest driver of the weekend and the Group A winner. Michalis Euthymiou and Dimitris Velios remained reasonably close to the winner. Championship leader Sakis Loris on the other had to drive in the rain and fell way down the order. Spyros Vorgias was the fastest -2000 car.

In Group N the four 4-wheel-drive cars finished 1-2-3-4 with Stamatis Katsimis on top. As usual the most exciting battle took place in class N2. Here Konstantinos Tasoulas took class victory with a lead of just .08 seconds over Vasilis Rekkas.

In Group E Panagiotis Euthymiou is giving Georgos Kechagias a real challenge. At Achladokampos Euthymiou was by far the quicker of the two and took group victory. Marios Iliopoulos was the only driver in Group FS who could hold his own in the rain. The same can be said of Georgios Katsaros in the historics.
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Results Korylovo Hillclimb (Drama) 2017

Apart from the Greek Hillclimb Championship event at Achladokampos there was another major hillclimb in Greece this weekend. The Korylovo Hillclimb near Drama was a round of the Greek Hillclimb Cup North. The event almost doubled its entry compared to last year. Among the 36 entries were a few guest drivers from Bulgaria.

The first of the two races faced the most difficult track conditions. It was therefore surprising that Bulgarian Julian Teliyski immediately set the fastest time. When conditions improved for the second race, Konstantinos Lazaridis set fastest time of the day. The final results were however decided on the combined times which allowed Teliyski to take victory. Dimitros Katsaros had a difficult first race as evidenced by his second race which was 15 seconds quicker! Katsaros secured third place with this second effort. Fourth was for Ioannis Konstantinidis, the best of the combined -2000 class. Fifth was for another Bulgarian, Stefan Stoev. The Honda Civic pilot was also declared the best non-turbo FS car. Konstantinos Koutsodimos was the winner of the combined -1600 class and sixth overall.

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Preview and Entrylist Achladokampos Hillclimb 2017

Round 4 of the Greek Hillclimb Championship is the Achladokampos Hillclimb. Just under 100 drivers have entered with most in Class N2.
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Results Kymi Hillclimb 2017

The Greek Hillclimb Championship continued with the Kymi Hillclimb. Fastest driver this weekend was Marios Iliopoulos. However the he did not win the event as a broken driveshaft in the second race saw the Ford Fiesta WRC pilot drop way back in the order. Konstantinos Patsoureas benefitted to take Group FS victory. A lucky victory as Patsoureas himself had multiple problems in Saturday practise. First a rear differential failed on the Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX and later a turbo broke. But on Sunday the car was perfect and it gifted Patsoureas the win. Antonios Stafylopatis was surprisingly second in class. The Opel Astra OPC pilot was quicker than a few others with more powerful machines.

Group A had the most entries in Kymi this weekend with around 25 drivers participating. The group also saw the closest battle for victory. Michalis Euthymiou was the fastest driver on a single run. But the Ford Escort WRC pilot lost too much time with a broken driveshaft in the first race to claim victory. “Sakis Loris” was fastest in the first race but that was also not enough for victory. Most consistent over two races was Andreas Ntofis and he was therefore the winner. His final gap over “Sakis Loris” was just .09 seconds! Spyros Vorgias was best of the rest and winner of the 2-wheel-drive class in Group A.

In Group E Panagiotis Eutymiou took a convincing victory over Dionysios Trovas. Championship leader Georgios Kechagias scores no points this weekend. Konstantinos Kakos dominated Group N while Apostolis Maraslis did the same in the historics.
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Entrylist Kymi Hillclimb 2017

The Greek Hillclimb Championship continues this weekend with the Kymi Hillclimb. It is one of the most technical races of the calendar. According to themselves the 2,8 kilometre long road counts no less than 52 corners.
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Results Nigrita Hillclimb 2017

The Greek Hillclimb Cup North visited the Nigrita Hillclimb this weekend. Konstantinos Lazaridis repeated his victory from last year. He was around 7,5 seconds per run faster than runner-up Dimitris Katsaros. Sgouris Balasis completed the podium. Panagiotis Anastasiou was the best in the -1600 class. He was even quicker than the -2000 winner Viktor Sarris. They were also fourth and fifth fastest overall respectively.

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Results Zakynthos Hillclimb 2017

The Greek Hillclimb Cup South moved to the small island of Zakynthos for the hillclimb of the same name. Lots of fast BMW’s were at the start this weekend. One of them was the eventual winner Georgios Panagopoulos. Andreas Malouchos set best time of the day but on aggregate he was just a second slower than Panagopoulos. Another BMW driven by Konstantinos Kiazis was third fastest.

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