Place:Tulwitz / Rechberg
Tracklength:5050 metres
Elevation change:268 metres
Altitude finishline:938 metres
GPS coordinates:47° 16′ 15.6″ – 15° 27′ 28.8″
Fastest Time:3:43,083 (2 runs)
Average Speed:162,99 km/h
Short Facts

  • Part of the European Hillclimb Championship since 1982.
  • Longest hillclimb still in use in Austria.
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    Rechbergrennen – List of Winners
    1982Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW6:18,064
    1983Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW5:27,750
    1984Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW5:50,594
    1985Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW5:22,474
    1986Walter PedrazzaPRC F25:36,701
    1987Walter PedrazzaPRC M87 BMW5:40,168
    1988Walter PedrazzaPRC M86 BMW4:24,189
    1989Herbert StengerStenger Sprint ES8614:53,293
    1990Andrés VilariñoLola T298 BMW4:20,408
    1991Philippe DarbellayLucchini S2894:55,094
    1992Andrés VilariñoLola T298 BMW4:21,585
    1993Andrés VilariñoLola T298 BMW4:14,038
    1994Horst FendrichMartini MK694:40,023
    1995Francisco EgozkueOsella PA9 BMW4:47,419
    1996Horst FendrichMartini MK694:22,457
    1997Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20/S4:29,584
    1998Laszlo SzaszReynard 93D Zytek4:25,172
    1999Franz TschagerLucchini P1-98 BMW4:14,705
    2000Josef NeuhauserHorag Reynard Judd SC914:03,123
    2001Giulio RegosaOsella PA20/S4:08,459
    2002Josef NeuhauserMinardi M190 F13:59,915
    2003Laszlo SzaszReynard 93D Zytek4:03,347
    2004Hermann WaldyReynard 94D4:07,014
    2005Jaroslav KrajciLola T96/50 Zytek4:02,630
    2006Giulio RegosaLola T96/504:49,026
    2007Ander VilariñoReynard 01L Mugen3:57,573
    26-27/04/2008Denny ZardoReynard 01L Mugen4:04,780Results
    25-26/04/2009Fausto BormoliniReynard 95D Mugen3:59,972Results
    24-25/04/2010Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:54,678Results
    30/04-01/05/2011Simone FaggioliOsella FA304:30,102Results
    28-29/04/2012Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:52,037Results
    27-28/04/2013Simone FaggioliOsella FA303:52,585Results
    26-27/04/2014Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC3:51,104Results
    25-26/04/2015Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC2:02,711Results
    23-24/04/2016Christian MerliOsella FA303:50,938Results
    22-23/04/2017Christian MerliOsella FA303:45,843Results
    21-22/04/2018Christian MerliOsella FA303:47,948Results
    27-28/04/2019Christian MerliOsella FA303:43,083Results


    The Rechbergrennen is situated in the Grazer Bergland, a low mountain range in the east of Austria. The Rechberg-pass where the race takes place, has an altitude of about 920m.
    The Grazer Bergland is a populair destination for hiking trips. Most tourist choose to climb one of the peaks like the Hochlantsch (1720m), the Rote Wand (1505m) or the Schöckl (1445m). Equally impressive is a climb into the Bärenschützklamm. This narrow gorge is made accesible to the public with a specially designed wooden path build into the sides. Instead of climbing you could also descend into the mountains. Caves that are open to the general public are for example the Lurgrotte, Grasslhöhle and the Katerloch.

    The nearest major city is Graz, 40km south of Rechberg. It is the second largest city of Austria.
    It’s central location between East and Western Europe gave Graz a crucial role in many conflicts. The impenetrable fortress that once overlooked the city is sadly demolished. The armoury however can still be visited in the Landzeughaus, it is the world’s largest.
    The citycentre was declared a world heritage site in 1999, but Graz is by no means a monument frozen in time. Graz is an important town for modern architecture and modern art, which comes together in the bizarre looking Kunsthaus. Other eras are equally well represented. From the time of the Habsburgs residency in Graz date the Cathedral, the Burg and the Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II. Also not to miss are the Barock Schloss Eggenberg and the Mariatrost Basilica.

    Rechbergrennen – Accomodation

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