Results Moris Cup Jahodná 2017

The International Hillclimb Cup moved to Slovakia this weekend for the Moris Cup Jahodná near Košice. The hot weather gave the top cars some problems especially on Saturday. Vaclav Janik missed practise because of cooling problems in his Norma M20 FC. But the car held out on Sunday and Janik scored overall victory. Jozef Beres had issues with the waterpump on his Tatuus PY012. That did not prevent him from taking a double victory in the Slovak Championship. Beating Janik was however not possible so Beres which meant that Beres was only second overall on Sunday. Uberto Bonucci was the fastest in the European Historic Hillclimb Championship. The Italian was also third overall on Sunday. Igor Drotar was another driver with cooling issues. But for the first time this season the Skoda Fabia R5 actually held out until the end. As can be expected Drotar was very happy with his touringcar victories on Saturday and Sunday.

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Entrylist Moris Cup Jahodná 2017

The International Hillclimb Cup (IHCC) continues this weekend with the Moris Cup Jahodná in Slovakia. Vaclav Janik will have some serious opposition from his countryman Dusan Neveril this weekend. Jozef Beres might also be a candidate for victory so close to home. In E1 there is an interesting entry of Bulgarian Champion Lyuben Kamenov. Perhaps he will be the driver to win the IHCC this year? In the Production Category Laszlo Hernadi will face some serious local opposition in top rally cars.

Apart from the IHCC the race also counts towards the European Historic Hillclimb Championship. Among the 25 historic drivers are the top drivers of the championship: Uberto Bonucci and Jean-Marie Almeras.
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Results Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-Zaluz 2017

The Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-Zaluz was the second round of the International Hillclimb Cup (IHCC). Vaclav Janik and his teammates appear to be the only drivers aiming for the title in the sportscar category. Laszlo Hernadi was the only non-local driver in the production category. In the E1 category there were only local drivers present. As usual there was a complete event on Saturday and another complete event on Sunday. Only the Sunday event counted towards the IHCC.

Conditions were difficult on Sunday with cold temperatures and rain. Waldemar Kluza was the best in these conditions. He steered his Skoda Fabia S2000 to fastest time and victory. “Dubai” was second while Czech driver Karel Treny completed the podium. Reigning champion Igor Drotar had to retire early and scored no points.

On Sunday conditions improved and the drivers were welcomed by sun and warm weather. Bad luck for Igor Drotar as he retired again after a crash. Kluza and Treny also scored no points as their Skodas ran into mechanical problems. “Dubai” benefitted from the misfortune of his rivals as he scored maximum points for the Polish Championship. The Mitsubishi Lancer pilot did not win the event however as that honour was for Vaclav Janik. Jozef Beres jr. placed his Tatuus PY012 sportscar on the third step of the podium.

Apart from the IHCC and the Polish Championship, the event also counted towards the Slovak Hillclimb Championship. Polish driver “Dubai” has registered for this championship, hoping to steal it away like Slovak driver Igor Drotar stole the Polish Championship last year. He took a succesful step at Zaluz as he was the best ‘Slovak’ driver. Jozef Beres was second best while Peter Jurena was third fastest on both days.

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Results Rechbergrennen 2017

No time for reports this week, so just the results.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rechbergrennen 2017

Just one week and one day before the European Hillclimb Championship starts at the Rechbergrennen. Just under 250 drivers have entered of which 169 in the modern race and the other 80 in the historics. Apart of the EHC there are also points for the national championships of Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

In Category 2 the best 8 drivers of 2016 return this year. Simone Faggioli is the favourite in E2-SC. In E2-SS the three Osella FA30s of Christian Merli, Paride Macario and Milos Benes will be the drivers to watch. In CN Andrea Bormolini has switched to a 3-litre Osella PA20/S to have a little horsepower advantage over the opposition. Fellow Italians Stefano Crespi and Marco Capucci will be his closest rivals. E2-SH appears to be another year of Czech domination. Marek Rybnicek, Dan Michl, Vladimir Vitver and Jiri Los will go for victory with Polish driver “Dubai” as outsider.

In Category 1 champion Nikola Miljkovic has moved to the circuit racing. Shkelzen Lajci and Jaromir Maly will battle it out for Group N victory this year. In previous years the championship was always decided between Group A and Group N. Because the Lancers are not homologated in Group A anymore it will be a struggle to get full points at every race this season. Nevertheless Lukas Vojacek will contest (most?) races in a Subaru Impreza WRX. In Austria he will have a formidable rival in Mini Cooper WRC pilot Jan Liptak. Group GT has 4 entries from4 nations in 4 different cars. FIA Hillclimb Masters winner Lucio Peruggini could be the favourite here. Finally Laszlo Hernadi is the only driver in Group S2000.

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Calendar Slovakia Hillclimb Championship 2017

22-23/04/2017Grosser Preis von Österreich, RechbergrennenRechberg
13-14/05/2017Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-ZaluzZaluz
20-21/05/2017Moris Cup JahodnáKošice
03-04/06/2017Ecce HomoSternberk
08-09/07/2017PAV Pezinská BabaPezinok
22-23/07/2017Dobsinký kopecDobšiná
29-30/07/2017Jankov VrsokBánovce nad Bebravou
26-27/08/2017Zvolen - Ostra LukaZvolen

Results Jankov Vrsok 2016

Results for the Jankov Vrsok Hillclimb near Banovce.

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Results Dobšinský kopec 2016

160717_dobsinaResults Dobšinský kopec.

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Results PAV Slovakia Baba 2016

The PAV Slovakia Baba returned on the calendar last year after a long absence. A large number of championships immediately included the event in their schedule. The large number of drivers from all the different countries was perhaps a bit too much to handle after such a long break. This year the Hillclimb near Pezinok was a lot smaller. Apart from the local Slovakians the only other championship present was the Historic Central European Zone (CEZ). The format also changed: no longer a full event on Saturday with another Sunday. Instead the race followed the European format of practise on Saturday and race on Sunday.

Even though they could not score any points, there were still some guest drivers. After 7 years Laszlo Szasz returned to the track where he had won in 1997 and 2002. The Hungarian immediately added a third victory to his palmares. He was closely chased by the best drivers of Slovakia. Four of the top five locals drove Skoda Fabia’s. Igor Drotar in the R5 was quickest, Veroslav Crvcek in the S2000 followed while the WRC’s of Jan Milon and Tomas Ondrej completed the top 5. Right in the middle of this group was Jozef Beres jr. The champion faced gearbox troubles in his Tatuus Renault but still managed to finish third best Slovak and fifth overall.

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Results Ozdianske Serpentiny 2016

160626_ozdanyResults for the Ozdianske Serpentiny.

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