Title:Automobil Bergrennen Esthofen – Sankt Agatha
Place:Sankt Agatha
Tracklength:3200 metres
Elevation change:190 metres
Altitude finishline:555 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 21′ 37.8″ – 13° 52′ 2.28″
Fastest Time:2:04,294 (2 runs)
Average Speed:185,37 km/h

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Bergrennen Esthofen – Sankt Agatha – List of Winners
1994Herbert StengerStenger 9212:27,051
1995Heinz SteinerMartini2:35,606
1996Heinz SteinerMartini2:19,831
1997Heinz SteinerMartini2:19,608
1998Laszlo SzaszReynard2:15,687
1999Laszlo SzaszReynard2:37,482
2000Walter LeitgebFadewa F30002:13,931
2001Laszlo SzaszReynard2:39,629
2002Laszlo SzaszReynard2:18,868
2003Hermann WaldyReynard F30002:19,268
2004Hermann WaldyReynard F30002:15,749
2005Lionel RegalReynard 95D2:14,862
23-24/09/2006Lionel RegalReynard 95D2:18,238Results
22-23/09/2007Lionel RegalReynard 1KL2:15,044Results
20-21/09/2008Andreas GabatFord Escort2:52,551Results
19-20/09/2009Race stopped after accident
24-25/09/2011Jaroslav KrajciLola B02/502:18,189Results
22-23/09/2012Eric BerguerandLola FA992:14,382Results
21-22/09/2013Milos BenesOsella FA302:14,909Results
27-28/09/2014Eric BerguerandLola FA992:11,216Results
26-27/09/2015Sébastien PetitNorma M20 FC2:10,132Results
24-25/09/2016Christian MerliOsella FA302:06,691Results
23-24/09/2017Christian MerliOsella FA302:04,294Results
22-23/09/2018Patrik ZajelsnikNorma M20 FC2:29,239Results
21-22/09/2019Patrik ZajelsnikNorma M20 FC2:09,020Results

110925_stagatha 120923_stagatha 130922_stagatha 140928_stagatha 150927_stagatha 160925_stagatha

The Sankt Agatha Hillclimb is the most northern Hillclimb of Austria. It lies in the province of Oberösterreich, close to the German and Czech borders. It is located on a highland (619m) near the Danube River. It lies between the Mühlviertel north of the Donau, which is a granite and gneiss highlands considered part of the Bohemian Massif, and the Salzkammergut Alpine mountains further south. The area around Sankt Agatha can be considered part of the Pre-Alpine Hills. A hilly landscape where intensive agriculture is mixed with dense forests.
Some 50 kilometres west of Sankt Agatha on the German/Austrian border you will find Passau. The city is located on the confluence of the Inn and Illz rivers with the Danube. The historic center is build on the tongue of land right where the rivers melt into eachother. Throughout the centuries Passau has always been under the influence of Italian architects. That, together with the closeness of the waters gives the city a southern charm. The absolute highlight of the old town is the St. Stephan’s Cathedral build in the Italian Baroque Style. It has the second largest pipeorgan in the world. Dominating the city however is the Veste Oberhaus, or Prince-Bishop’s castle, located on a hilltop above the old town. Most tourists visit Passau as the first stop on their Danube cruise.
Going 50 kilometres east of Sankt Agatha you will arrive in the third largest city of Austria, Linz. The last decades Linz has sought to improve its image as a boring industrial town by promoting cultural manifestations. It now holds two modern art museums of international importance, the Ars Electronica Center and the Lentos Art Gallery. It also has older monuments, mostly around the large city square. Not to miss is also the Linz Castle and its large museum.

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