Title:Vrachasiou Hillclimb
Tracklength:3800 metres
Elevation change:220 metres
Altitude finishline:310 metres
GPS coordinates:35° 17′ 24″ – 25° 32′ 15″
Fastest Time:4:34,74 (2 runs)
Average Speed:99,58 km/h

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Vrachasi Hillclimb – List of Winners
21-22/05/2016Giorgos AnapoliotakisSeat Ibiza Kit-Car4:40,90Results
18-19/03/2017Giorgos AnapoliotakisSeat Ibiza Kit-Car4:34,74Results

151115_vrachasi 160522_vrachasi

Vrachasiou Hillclimb – Accomodation

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  1. Nick says:

    I cannot see any dates for the hill climbs, we accidently came across the ormalos hill climb for ormalos in crete and thoroughly enjoyed it

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