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Results Prescott Hillclimb Run-Off’s 2018

The first round of the very long British Hillclimb Championship took place at Prescott. It rained very hard all through Saturday practise until Sunday morning. The track did gradually dry before the run-offs took place although conditions remained tricky.

Alex Summers was competing with the DJ Firehawk at Prescott because his DJ Firestorm is still not ready. Summers was the quickest driver in the rain but as the rain receded so did his position. Summers finished the run-offs in seventh and eigth. Fastest in the first run-off on a still somewhat damp track was Wallace Menzies. He was .06 seconds quicker than last years champion Trevor Willis. Will Hall had a trouble-free weekend and finished third on this first run-off.

In the second run-off the top 3 was reversed. Will Hall was now the quickest and Wallace Menzies finished in third. Trevor Willis was again right in between. This means the three leaders now have equal points.

Best of the rest was Richard Spedding. He debuted his new turbo-charged GWR Raptor Suzuki with two fourth places. His old car is now driven by Les Mutch who finished ninth in the first run-off and retired with mechanical failure in the second.

29/04/2018 – Prescott Hillclimb – Run-Off 1
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarFinal
1 MenziesWallaceGould GR59 Cosworth38,74
2 WillisTrevorOMS 28 RPE38,80
3 HallWillForce WH38,99
4 SpeddingRichardGWR Raptor Suzuki39,71
5 UrenDaveGould GR55B NME40,25
6 MourantJasonGould GR55 Judd40,49
7 SummersAlexDJ Firehawk Suzuki40,77
8 HaimesPaulGould GR59 Suzuki41,23
9 MutchLesGWR Raptor Suzuki41,43
10 OwenSteveOMS 28 Suzuki41,46
11 GravesTerryGould GR55 Cosworth41,89
12 VarleyJohnathenGWR Predator Cosworth41,95

29/04/2018 – Prescott Hillclimb – Run-Off 2
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarFinal
1 HallWillForce WH38,04
2 WillisTrevorOMS 28 RPE38,52
3 MenziesWallaceGould GR59 Cosworth38,89
4 SpeddingRichardGWR Raptor Suzuki39,25
5 MourantJasonGould GR55 Judd39,74
6 UrenDaveGould GR55B NME40,03
7 HaimesPaulGould GR59 Suzuki40,42
8 SummersAlexDJ Firehawk Suzuki40,48
9 KenrickRobertGWR Raptor BMW40,54
10 StephensonBenEmpire EVO2 Suzuki41,31
11 OwenSteveOMS 28 Suzuki42,29
12 MutchLesGWR Raptor Suzuki

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