Results Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen) 2018

The Memorial Valeri Velikov was stopped after an accident during the third and final race of the day. The first round of the Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship was nearly completed when driver Nikolay Georgiev lost control of his BMW. He clipped a curbstone which flipped the car over. The BMW left the track and hit a group of spectators. Six persons were hurt, five of them needed to be transported to a hospital. At the moment four of the injured already have been released from the hospital. The organisers have offered financial support to all the injured.

The final classifications were decided on the first two races that were completed. Hristo Manolov was declared the winner. He set a new trackrecord in the first race of the day. Champion Julian Telyiski was just .1 seconds slower than Manolov in the first race. However in the second race he lost a bit of time which prevented him from further challenging the leader. Local driver Martin Surilov completed the podium after winning Group R.

Stefan Stoev debuted his new Silver Car EF10 in Shumen. He had barely driven the car before this weekend. Yet Stoev was immediately rather quick. In Saturday practise Stoev set the third fastest time overall. Mechanical failure on Sunday morning saw him retire early.

14-15/04/2018 – Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 ManolovHristoMitsubishi LancerH13:31,46
2 TelyiskiJulianMitsubishi LancerH13:42,01
3 SurilovMartinMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXR23:46,49
4 VasilevGeorgiMitsubishi LancerH23:49,96
5 YotkovIvelinBMW E30H23:51,41
6 AtanasovYordanMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXR23:51,04
7 DimitrovAlexanderCitroën SaxoH44:01,80
8 BlagovVeselinFord FiestaH14:03,21
9 KondevDimitarOpel AstraH34:03,56
10 VladimirovStanislavOpel AstraR34:07,68
11 AtanasovHristoCitroën C2R2R44:08,54
12 VeselinovIskrenHonda CivicH44:09,22
13 IvanovDinkoCitroën C2R2R44:11,09
14 ShenkovPavelVAZ 2105H54:12,93
15 GeorgievNikolayBMW E36H24:14,91
16 BorisovDobrinRenault ClioH34:15,24
17 KostovRosenPeugeot 106H44:15,53
18 DenevNedyalkoPeugeot 106H44:15,65
19 DenevEmilRenault ClioR34:20,89
20 StoyanovBoyanRenault MeganeH34:21,75
21 MishevNikolaRenault ClioR44:21,76
22 MetodievYordanHonda CivicH44:22,03
23 BorisovAlexanderOpel CorsaH54:22,92
24 HristovSimeonOpel TigraH54:24,08
25 GenchevRadostinVolkswagen GolfH34:24,18
26 BakalovPeterRenault ClioR34:24,66
27 MitevGeorgiCitroën SaxoR54:24,68
28 GochevDimitarCitroën SaxoR54:24,87
29 BonevEmilOpel KadettH34:25,17
30 LibertinovStefanFiat UnoH24:25,66
31 ObretonovPeterCitroën SaxoR44:25,77
32 ZhivkovZhivkoVAZ 2105H54:27,61
33 KrustevKrasimirCitroën SaxoH34:28,45
34 IvanovIvailoBMW E36H24:28,49
35 PetkovRostislavHonda CivicR34:30,38
36 PondevIskrenPeugeot 106H54:31,03
37 KusevGeorgiCitroën SaxoR54:32,34
38 PavlovPeterVAZ 2105H44:33,01
39 PetrovPlamenHonda CivicH54:33,79
40 DyakovaViliyanaVAZ 2105H34:34,97
41 AngelovIvanPeugeot 206 RCR34:38,09
42 NikolovLyubomirCitroën SaxoR54:39,46
43 BoevMikhailPeugeot 106R54:40,27
44 KiradzhievKalinHonda CivicH54:40,51
45 DanovBranimirVAZ 21013H34:41,23
46 DobrevVelizarVAZ 2101H54:41,50
47 HristozovPeterCitroën DS3R54:42,63
48 DochevDobromirSuzuki SwiftH54:48,03
49 GanevVladimirVAZ 2105H34:48,41
50 TenevTikhomirPeugeot 306R34:50,94
51 ParvanovPlamenVAZ 2105Lada4:51,66
52 NikolovNikolayVolkswagen GolfH34:53,53
53 KortelovNikolayCitroën C2R44:55,10
54 PetrovRadkoCitroën SaxoR54:58,66
55 BochkovPeterCitroën SaxoR45:03,57
56 RizovRizaVAZ 2107H45:03,98
57 VulchevHristoVAZ 2108H45:16,57

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