Results Dionysou Hillclimb 2018

This weekend thousands of spectators were present at the Dionysou Hillclimb in Greece. It was the first round of the Greek Hillclimb Championship. Just like everywere else in Europe the weather was not great. It rained on raceday, but luckily not during the actual races.

The race was much anticipated because of the presence of Fulvio Giuliani. The Italian star had a steep learning curve ahead of him. In just two practise sessions and two race sessions he had to learn the 5 kilometre long track. In first practise Giuliani was seven seconds down on fastest driver Marios Iliopoulos. In second practise he brought the gap down to 4,5 seconds. We will never know how much better the Italian could still do. On Sunday his Lancia Delta EVO broke down and Giuliani had to retire.

With no serious rival left Marios Iliopoulos took another simple victory. Second fastest was the Group A winner Leonidas Kyrkos. Kyrkos is planning to drive mostly rallies this year so the Dionysou Hillclimb was a good test for him. Georgios Kechagias steered his white Ford Sierra Cosworth to another class victory in Group E. Even though he won with a 6 second lead, Kechagias felt he could still do better. Group N winner Stamatis Katsimis had no such doubts. He started his title campaign with a 11 seconds lead. Finally Georgios Katsaros domintated the historics.

17-18/03/2018 – Dionysou Hillclimb
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 IliopoulosMariosFord FiestaFST4:35,28
2 KyrkosLeonidasFord Escort CosworthA84:54,68
3 IliopoulosPanagiotisFerrari 458 ChallengeFSA2L4:56,40
4 KechagiasGeorgiosFord Sierra CosworthE125:02,90
5 SoldatosPanagiotisFord FiestaFST5:03,41
6 KatsimisStamatisMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXN45:04,91
7 PatsoureasKonstantinosMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIA85:06,55
8 LiorisPanagiotisFord Escort CosworthA85:07,43
9 NtofisKonstantinosFord Escort RS2000E115:08,18
10 ChasapisTryfonasCitroën AX SportE115:09,97
11 NtermasVasileiosBMW 320 E30E125:10,00
12 BatzanosVasileiosCitroën Saxo VTSA65:13,62
13 “Amerikanos”Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IXN45:16,84
14 ZygogiannisKonstantinosAudi A3FST25:17,40
15 RekkasVasileiosCitroën Saxo VTSA65:19,21
16 PotouridisIoannisSubaru Impreza 555N45:19,27
17 AnadiotisGeorgiosRenault Clio SportA75:21,70
18 KarathanasisKonstantinosHonda Civic Type-RN35:22,68
19 ChatoupisStavrosOpel Corsa Kit-CarA75:23,72
20 KalkounosVasileiosBMW M3 E30E125:25,90
21 MaraveliasGiorgosBMW E30E115:28,32
22 KourniatisAthanasiosFord Escort RS2000E115:28,96
23 GiannoulisDionysiosPeugeot 106 S16N25:34,30
24 PlessasNikolaosFord Sierra CosworthE125:34,95
25 TsourgiannisDimitriosPeugeot 106 S16E105:35,20
26 VoulisAthanasiosCitroën Saxo VTSN25:37,24
27 TheosJoachimPeugeot 106 S16N25:38,65
28 SkandalarosIoannisOpel AsconaE115:41,54
29 MangidasGiorgosPeugeot 106 S16E105:41,60
30 KatsarosGeorgiosFord Escort MK12/C35:41,73
31 PlakoutsisDimitriosPeugeot 206 GTE115:42,55
32 BrillisDimitriosPeugeot 106 S16N25:42,57
33 KatsareliasEmmanouilVolkswagen Golf GTIA75:42,76
34 FassasAthanasiosPeugeot 106 S16E105:43,08
35 ParavalosIoannisToyota YarisA55:45,56
36 PapatsarasNikolaosCitroën Saxo VTSA65:45,98
37 KordatzisNikolaosPeugeot 106 S16N25:47,75
38 RigopoulosDionysiosOpel Kadett CE115:48,95
39 CholidisTheodorosRenault Clio SportN35:51,09
40 SkordisDimitriosOpel AsconaE115:52,40
41 AtzemisVasileiosPeugeot 106 TurboFST5:53,04
42 VoulgarisTheodorosToyota StarletE105:59,41
43 StamoulisCharalamposPeugeot 106 S16A66:00,55
44 GeorgoulasEvangelosFord Escort RS20003/D36:00,79
45 AtzemisChristosPeugeot 106 RallyeA56:02,88
46 KarrasGeorgiosBMW 2002 Ti2/C36:09,29
47 KarperosDimitriosToyota StarletE106:10,46
48 MaraslisApostolosFord Escort MK12/C36:12,41
49 NakakisGeorgiosPeugeot 206 XSA66:14,73
50 BoletisStylianosFord Escort RS20003/D36:27,23
51 PapapetrouKonstantinosPeugeot 106 RallyeA56:37,40
52 ZachosZachariasToyota Corolla AE864/E26:50,44
53 OikonomouDimitriosVolkswagen Golf I GTI3/D26:50,76
54 DimitriouDimitriosOpel AsconaFST2D6:52,06
55 PouliadisPantelisPorsche 911 Carrera3/D46:52,76
56 SakarikosIoannisBMW 2002 Ti2/C37:02,82
57 KofinasKonstantinosAlfa Romeo GT Veloce2/C37:03,56
58 KarageorgiouAntonios-PanagiotisToyota StarletE97:03,88
59 PapazoglouLymperisAlfa Romeo Alfasud Ti3/D27:07,87
60 RankousisIoannisFord Escort RS20003/D37:35,65
61 GerakisGeorgiosBMW 2002 Ti2/C38:34,14

17-18/03/2018 – Dionysou Hillclimb (Skoda Cup)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Fase AFase B
1 KyrkosMiltosSkoda Fabia Turbo2:59,072:59,87
2 KoukeasEustathiosSkoda Fabia Turbo2:59,203:01,13
3 KalesisFilipposSkoda Fabia Turbo3:00,243:01,89
4 CharalampopoulosIoannisSkoda Fabia Turbo3:00,413:01,23
5 KyrlankitsisEustratiosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:01,533:02,22
6 GiannoulisVasileiosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:01,803:03,65
7 VoulgarisEvangelosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:02,173:02,04
8 GalerakisSpyridonSkoda Fabia Turbo3:04,073:02,48
9 DoultsinosMichailisSkoda Fabia Turbo3:02,973:05,72
10 GiousouroumIakovosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:04,003:04,61
11 “Le Mans”Skoda Fabia Turbo3:05,423:04,87
12 AsimakopoulosTaxiarchisSkoda Fabia Turbo3:05,233:07,34
13 KoklanisGeorgiosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:05,693:05,73
14 ChalivelakisAlexandrosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:06,933:07,88
15 SartampakosGeorgiosSkoda Fabia Turbo3:10,853:08,95

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