Results Bulgarka Hillclimb 2017

The Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship continued this weekend with the Bulgarka Hillclimb near Sliven. It became one of the closest battles for victory in a while. Hristo Manolov was the fastest driver in practise. However Iliya Tsarski had some small problems before the third practise so could not start. The benefit of this was that Tsarski had better tyres on Sunday. And that showed in the times as Tsarski took the lead in the first race. Manolov than countered with fastest time in the second race. All would be decided in the third and final race of the weekend. Manolov drove an almost equal time with his second race before. But it was not enough to take victory as Tsarski set fastest time of the weekend. The final difference between the two after three races was just .77 seconds! Juliyan Teliiski came just a little short on the leaders and ginished six seconds down in third. Stefan Stoev was once again best 2-wheel-drive car. Despite his Honda Civic not working properly he also finished fourth overall.

03-04/06/2017 – Bulgarka Hillclimb
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 TsarskiIliyaMitsubishi LancerH17:40,95
2 ManolovHristoMitsubishi LancerH17:41,72
3 TeliiskiJuliyanMitsubishi LancerH27:47,76
4 StoevStefanHonda CivicH38:20,80
5 JotkovIvelinBMW E30H28:21,48
6 VasilevGeorgiMitsubishi LancerH28:23,69
7 TodorovJordanCitroën SaxoH48:30,57
8 DimitrovAlexanderCitroën SaxoH48:33,65
9 ErmenkovErmenkoCitroën SaxoH48:43,06
10 JordanovKosyuRenault MeganeH38:45,36
11 BozhilovDimiterCitroën SaxoR48:48,70
12 StankovDilyanRenault ClioR48:50,08
13 IvanovDinkoCitroën C2R2R48:51,69
14 ShenkovPavelVAZ 2107H59:03,02
15 GeorgievGeorgiSubaru ImprezaH19:03,89
16 RusevPavlinCitroën SaxoR59:04,91
17 BakalovPeterRenault ClioR49:09,68
18 GeorgievNikolaiBMW E36H29:17,66
19 GanevNikolaiHonda CivicH59:19,60
20 ShopovYasenCitroën SaxoR49:22,79
21 MikhovVeselinCitroën C2R49:22,94
22 HristozovPeterCitroën SaxoR59:25,64
23 DenevNedyalkoPeugeot 106H49:26,97
24 PanajotovMarinCitroën SaxoR59:30,25
25 TurlakovIvanCitroën SaxoR59:35,33
26 MishevNikolaRenault ClioR49:35,37
27 StamatovKirilPeugeot 106H59:36,74
28 PopovVitorioFord Fiesta STH39:39,07
29 DobrevVelizarVAZ 2101H59:42,47
30 StanchevStelianPeugeot 306H39:50,38
31 DochevDobromirSuzuki SwiftH59:54,66
32 PondevIskrenPeugeot 106H510:00,20
33 BoevMikhailVAZ 2108H410:03,32
34 KolevGeorgiCitroën SaxoR410:11,64
35 BochkovPeterCitroën SaxoR410:32,72
36 BozhevYankoLada 2105H511:03,99

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