Title:Планинско Българка (Bulgarka)
Tracklength:3360 metres (until 2018: 4200 metres) (until 2016: 5250 metres)
Elevation change:200 metres (until 2016: 350 metres)
Altitude finishline:730 metres (until 2016: 860 metres)
GPS coordinates:42° 42′ 46.8″ – 26° 17′ 22.9194″
Fastest Time:5:42,07 (3 runs)
Average Speed:106,08 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on the map shows 2016 finishline.
Yellow pinpoint on the map shows the 2017/2018 finishline.

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Bulgarka Hillclimb – List of Winners
29-30/06/2013Iliya TsarskiMitsubishi Lancer6:41,02Results
07-08/06/2014Lyuben KamenovMitsubishi Lancer7:44,17Results
06-07/06/2015Lyuben KamenovMitsubishi Lancer7:50,27Results
04-05/06/2016Lyuben KamenovMitsubishi Lancer7:40,71Results
03-04/06/2017Iliya TsarskiMitsubishi Lancer7:40,95Results
09-10/06/2018Lyuben KamenovMitsubishi Lancer7:35,50Results
01-02/06/2019Plamen KamburovSkoda Fabia5:42,07Results

130630_bulgarka 140608_bulgarka 150607_bulgarka 160605_bulgarka

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