Preview and Entrylist Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen) 2018

A record entry is expected at the Memorial Valeri Velikov this coming weekend. 75 drivers have entered for the first round of the Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship. This confirms the 3,35 kilometre long hillclimb near Shumen as the premier hillclimb in Bulgaria. Among the 75 drivers are also many from other disciplines. As the Memorial Valeri Velikov is the first major motorsport event of the year it is a perfect test for many.

On top of the entrylist is a car totally unique for Bulgaria. Stefan Stoev is entered in a Silver Car EF10. The last few seasons Stoev competed in a Honda Civic with great succes. He should certainly be capable of top results in his new car.
Reigning champion Julian Telyiski has updated his Mitsubishi Lancer for the 2018 season. The car is fitted with a more powerful engine and a new aero package. Hristo Manolov won the event last year and is aiming for another victory. In 2017 Ilya Tsarski went from one incident to another which prevented him from driving most races. The former champion is hoping for a fresh start in Shumen.

14-15/04/2018 – Memorial Valeri Velikov (Shumen)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 StoevStefanSilver Car EF10E2-SC
2 TelyiskiJulianMitsubishi LancerH1
3 ManolovHristoMitsubishi LancerH1
4 TsarskiIlyaMitsubishi LancerH1
5 BlagovVeselinFord FiestaH1
6 YotkovIvelinBMW E30H2
7 GeorgievStefanFord Escort RSH2
8 GeorgievNikolayBMW E36H2
9 VasilevGeorgiMitsubishi LancerH2
10 ObretonovYasenBMW E30H2
11 LibertinovStefanFiat UnoH2
12 IvanovIvailoBMW E36H2
13 BurdinovAlexanderBMW 318H2
14 ShterevKostadinSubaru ImprezaH2
15 SurilovMartinMitsubishi LancerR2
16 PorcisteanoValentinMitsubishi LancerR2
17 AtanasovYordanMitsubishi LancerR2
18 YordanovKosyuRenault MeganeH3
19 KondevDimitarOpel AstraH3
20 TodorovTodorVolkswagen PoloH3
21 KrustevKrasimirCitroën SaxoH3
22 BorisovDobrinRenault ClioH3
23 StoyanovBoyanRenault MeganeH3
24 BonevEmilOpel KadettH3
25 DechkovIvoSeat IbizaH3
26 DyakovaViliyanaVAZ 2105H3
27 GeorgievPlamenFiat PuntoH3
28 GenchevRadostinVolkswagen GolfH3
29 NikolovNikolayVolkswagen GolfH3
30 GanevVladimirVAZ 2105H3
31 BakalovPeterRenault ClioR3
32 RusevRosenHonda CivicR3
33 TenevTikhomirPeugeot 306R3
34 PetkovRostislavHonda CivicR3
35 KortelovNikolayCitroën C2R2R3
36 NikolovLyubomirRenault ClioR3
37 AngelovIvanPeugeot 206 RCR3
38 DenevEmilRenault ClioR3
39 VladimirovStanislavOpel AstraR3
40 DimitrovAlexanderCitroën SaxoH4
41 VeselinovIskrenHonda CivicH4
42 KostovRosenPeugeot 106H4
43 DenevNedyalkoPeugeot 106H4
44 EnevIvanOpel CorsaH4
45 PavlovPeterVAZ 2105H4
46 MetodievYordanHonda CivicH4
47 YanevRusiVAZ 2105H4
48 VulchevHristoVAZ 2108H4
49 BozhilovDimitarCitroën SaxoR4
50 IvanovDinkoCitroën C2R2R4
51 ObretonovPeterCitroën SaxoR4
52 MishevNikolaRenault ClioR4
53 AtanasovHristoCitroën C2R2R4
54 BochkovPeterCitroën SaxoR4
55 ShenkovPavelVAZ 2105H5
56 PondevIskrenPeugeot 106H5
57 DobrevVelizarVAZ 2101H5
58 BorisovAlexanderOpel CorsaH5
59 HristovSimeonOpel TigraH5
60 ZhivkovZhivkoVAZ 2105H5
61 DanovBranimirVAZ 2101H5
62 DochevDobromirSuzuki SwiftH5
63 KiradzhievKalinHonda CivicH5
64 PetrovPlamenHonda CivicH5
65 ParvanovPlamenVAZ 2105H5
66 HristozovPeterCitroën DS3R5
67 BoevMikhailPeugeot 106R5
68 KuzevGeorgiCitroën SaxoR5
69 StoyanovMarianHonda CivicR5
70 BozhevYankoCitroën SaxoR5
71 GochevDimitarCitroën SaxoR5
72 NikolovLyubomirCitroën SaxoR5
73 PetrovRadkoCitroën SaxoR5
74 MitevGeorgiCitroën SaxoR5
75 PolomskiPeterCitroën SaxoR5

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