Results Osogovo Hillclimb (Kjustendil) 2017

The Bulgarian Hillclimb Championship ended two weeks ago at the Osogovo Hillclimb near Kjustendil. Hristo Manolov had to win to at least have a small chance for the title. He did all he could by setting fastest times and securing victory. But because his main rival Julian Teliyski finished second, it was not enough for the championship. Instead Teliyski celebrated his first overall national championship. An impressive result for the young driver who only did his first full season in 2016. Ivan Vluchkov beat Stefan Stoev to third overall.

Manolov could at least comfort himself with the H1 class title. Despite losing to Vluchkov this last race, Stefan Stoev crowned himself H3 class champion. With five victories Jordan Todorov is the new Class H4 champion. Pavel Shenkov did even better in class H5: he won all six events. Two Citroën Saxo pilots are the new champions in classes R4 and R5. Dimitar Bozhilov wins the title in R4 while Pavlin Rusev was best in R5, despite missing the last event. Finally Julian Teliyski is also the champion in class H2. R1, R2 and R3 did not have enough participants this year.

Full points standings will hopefully follow later.

26-27/08/2017 – Osogovo Hillclimb (Kjustendil)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 ManolovHristoMitsubishi LancerH15:18,04
2 TeliyskiJulianMitsubishi LancerH25:21,86
3 VluchkovIvanHonda CivicH35:44,37
4 StoevStefanHonda CivicH35:46,23
5 TodorovJordanCitroën SaxoH45:46,92
6 DimitrovAlexanderCitroën SaxoH45:58,20
7 GeorgievGeorgiSubaru ImprezaH16:02,03
8 GeorgievNikolayBMW M3H26:09,02
9 NikolovYasenHonda CivicH46:11,18
10 ErmenkovErmenkoCitroën SaxoH46:15,86
11 BozhilovDimitarCitroën SaxoR46:16,34
12 ShenkovPavelVAZ 2105H56:16,74
13 TodorovVasilOpel AstraH36:18,68
14 BakalovPetarRenault ClioR46:19,94
15 RusinovaIvaSubaru ImprezaH26:24,43
16 LederovMarinOpel AstraH36:26,04
17 MishevNikolaRenault ClioR46:26,58
18 BlagovVeselinFord FiestaH16:29,00
19 ObretenovPetarCitroën SaxoR46:32,33
20 HristozovPetarCitroën SaxoR56:36,58
21 KozharskiIvanVAZ 2105H36:38,78
22 ParvanovStanislavHonda CivicH46:39,60
23 PondevIskrenPeugeot 106H56:46,45
24 BonevEmilOpel KadettH36:48,85
25 MizhovskiVankoYugoH46:49,83
26 DobrevVelizarVAZ 2101H56:53,65
27 KondevDimitarPeugeot 106R56:54,27
28 DanovBranimirVAZ 21013H36:54,56
29 AngelovskiDarkoCitroën SaxoR57:17,01
30 StamatovKirilPeugeot 106H57:26,82

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