Entrylist Moris Cup Jahodná 2017

The International Hillclimb Cup (IHCC) continues this weekend with the Moris Cup Jahodná in Slovakia. Vaclav Janik will have some serious opposition from his countryman Dusan Neveril this weekend. Jozef Beres might also be a candidate for victory so close to home. In E1 there is an interesting entry of Bulgarian Champion Lyuben Kamenov. Perhaps he will be the driver to win the IHCC this year? In the Production Category Laszlo Hernadi will face some serious local opposition in top rally cars.

Apart from the IHCC the race also counts towards the European Historic Hillclimb Championship. Among the 25 historic drivers are the top drivers of the championship: Uberto Bonucci and Jean-Marie Almeras.
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Results Subida Internacional El Fito 2017

Christian Merli was the winner of the Subida Al Fito this weekend. The Italian drove a flawless event as evidenced by the fact that his times were nearly identical in both runs. With this victory Merli ends the five year winning streak of Simone Faggioli. The former winner himself had electrical problems but still managed to win E2-SC. After three rounds of the European Championship the score is now 2-1 in favour of Merli, although in points they are still equal.

In the E2-SS class Paride Macario had to retire early with gearbox issues. After the retirement of Renzo Napione there were just two drivers left, Christian Merli and Fausto Bormolini. In E2-SC Andrés Vilariño was the runner-up. He was closely followed by Portuguese champion Pedro Salvador. Fourth place was surprisingly for French guest driver Pascal Campi. He advanced Petr Trnka, Fabien Bouduban and his compatriot Franck Bellieres. Marco Capucci managed to defeat Stefano Crespi for CN victory. Both of them were actually slower than Andrea Bormolini all weekend, but the young Osella PA20/S pilot ran into trouble in the final race. Vladimir Vitver was the winner in E2-SH against local opposition.

In Category II “Tessitore” was the winner of the Group GT. Lukas Vojacek faced 4 rivals from Spain. The Czech managed to beat them all and score maximum points. Tomas Vavrinec was the quickest in Group N. But he had only one rival so his victory only gave him half points. Finally Sergi Pañella was the only competitor in S2000.

The event also counted towards the Spanish Championship and the Asturias Championship. Andres Vilariño, Cesar Rodriguez and Kike Perello were the category winners for the Spanish Championship and Javier Villa was the best in the Asturias Championship.
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Results Rampa da Falperra 2017

Results of the Rampa da Falperra near Braga in Portugal.

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Entrylist Rampa da Falperra 2017

The European Hillclimb Championship continues this weekend with the Rampa da Falperra near Braga in Portugal. 180 drivers are announced but on the entrylist only 140 appear. It looks like they copied the list of last year as many drivers appear with last year’s car… The classes that are assigned are almost without question wrong. I have tried to correct that but it is very difficult. There were also a number of spelling errors, like 10 different versions of Peugeot and even two different versions of Portugal!? Take this list for what its worth…

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Results Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col Saint Pierre 2017

Results of the Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col Saint Pierre.

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Results Rechbergrennen 2017

No time for reports this week, so just the results.

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Preview and Entrylist Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard 2017

The International Hillclimb Cup (IHC) starts this weekend with the Course de Côte de Saint-Jean-du-Gard / Col Saint Pierre. The preview can be very short as their are zero entries in the IHC.

Of course the race also counts towards the French Hillclimb Championship. Here there are 133 entries. It is almost certain that Sébastien Petit, Cyrille Frantz and Geoffrey Schatz will finish 1-2-3. As usual the battles behind them are more interesting. There are 14 Formula 3 cars entered, 9 Formula Renaults and 23 CN2 cars. The CN3 class is also starting to get interesting has grown, at Saint-Jean-du-Gard there are now 6 cars entered.

In the touringcars champion Nicolas Werver will debut his new Porsche 997 GT2. There were quite a few drivers in GTTS that had problems in Bagnols Sabran three weeks ago, with crashes for Philippe Schmitter and Yannick Poinsignon and mechanical issues for Pierre Courroye. Hopefully they will all have a troublefree run to challenge for victory.

There are also 2 support races this weekend. Of course the historics with 30 entries. But also the Caterham Cup which will make its hillclimb debut. The Caterhams are divided into three classes. ACA is the Academy, which is for rookies, ROAD which brings cars in road-legal specifications, and finally R300 which are the more powerful Duratec engined Caterhams.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Rechbergrennen 2017

Just one week and one day before the European Hillclimb Championship starts at the Rechbergrennen. Just under 250 drivers have entered of which 169 in the modern race and the other 80 in the historics. Apart of the EHC there are also points for the national championships of Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia.

In Category 2 the best 8 drivers of 2016 return this year. Simone Faggioli is the favourite in E2-SC. In E2-SS the three Osella FA30s of Christian Merli, Paride Macario and Milos Benes will be the drivers to watch. In CN Andrea Bormolini has switched to a 3-litre Osella PA20/S to have a little horsepower advantage over the opposition. Fellow Italians Stefano Crespi and Marco Capucci will be his closest rivals. E2-SH appears to be another year of Czech domination. Marek Rybnicek, Dan Michl, Vladimir Vitver and Jiri Los will go for victory with Polish driver “Dubai” as outsider.

In Category 1 champion Nikola Miljkovic has moved to the circuit racing. Shkelzen Lajci and Jaromir Maly will battle it out for Group N victory this year. In previous years the championship was always decided between Group A and Group N. Because the Lancers are not homologated in Group A anymore it will be a struggle to get full points at every race this season. Nevertheless Lukas Vojacek will contest (most?) races in a Subaru Impreza WRX. In Austria he will have a formidable rival in Mini Cooper WRC pilot Jan Liptak. Group GT has 4 entries from4 nations in 4 different cars. FIA Hillclimb Masters winner Lucio Peruggini could be the favourite here. Finally Laszlo Hernadi is the only driver in Group S2000.

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Calendar Central European Zone (CEZ) Hillclimb Championship 2017

13-14/05/2017Bieszczadzki Wyscig Górski Sanok-ZaluzZaluz
03-04/06/2017Ecce HomoSternberk
10-11/06/2017Nagrada Malacka SV. DujamSplit
24-25/06/2017Brdska Trka AvalaBelgrade
15-16/07/2017Matrai HegyiversenyParádsasvár
29-30/07/2017Jankov VrsokBanovce
05-06/08/2017Cazin Grand PrixCazin
12-13/08/2017GHD LucineLucine
19-20/08/2017Nagrada Na Grad Skopje "Vodno"Skopje
02-03/09/2017Radavc - KullaKulla
23-24/09/2017Automobil Bergrennen Esthofen - St. AgathaSt. Agatha
14-15/10/2017Cividale CastelmonteCividale

Calendar European Historic Hillclimb Championship 2017

22-23/04/2017Grosser Preis von Österreich, RechbergrennenTulwitz
20-21/05/2017Moris Cup JahodnáKošice
03-04/06/2017Ecce HomoSternberk
17-18/06/2017Petrol GHD GorjanciGorjanci
01-02/07/2017Trento BondoneTrento
08-09/07/2017Cesana - SestriereCesana Torinese
22-23/07/2017Dobsinský KopecDobsina
02-03/09/2017Petrol Ilirska BistricaIlirska Bistrica
16-17/09/2017Buzetski daniBuzet
23-24/09/2017Coppa del Chianti ClassicoCastellina in Chianti