Calendar Valenciana Hillclimb Championship 2018

The hillclimb calendar for the Comunidad Valenciana counts 7 races this year. There are two new events, the Subida a Agost and the Subida a Ibi.

18/03/2018Pujada Agost - MaigmóAgostValenciana
07/04/2018Pujada al Port de TudonsAlcolejaValenciana
27/05/2018Subida al Castell de GuadalestGuadalestValenciana
16/09/2018Subida a ZucainaZucainaValenciana
07/10/2018Subida a Les Revoltes d'IbiIbiValenciana
11/11/2018Subida a Utiel -Trofeo Metálicas PonceUtielValenciana
16/12/2018Subida al GarbíSerraValenciana

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