Title:Subida a Utiel
Tracklength:4985 metres
Elevation change:290 metres
Altitude finishline:1240 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 37′ 33″ – -1° 9′ 31″
Fastest Time:2:31,575
Average Speed:118,40 km/h

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Subida a Utiel – List of Winners
23/03/2014José Vicente ArnauOsella PA20/S2:45,686Results
26/04/2015José Vicente ArnauOsella PA20/S2:41,938Results
20/11/2016Nacho AviñoSpeed Car GT2:40,157Results
19/11/2017Toni ArieteBRC B-492:41,980Results
03/11/2018Toni ArieteBRC BR-532:31,575Results
24/10/2019Bernard GonzalezTatuus PY0122:32,288Results

140323_utiel 150426_utiel

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