Title:Subida al Castell de Guadalest
Place:El Castell de Guadalest
Tracklength:5857 metres (until 2016: 5108 metres)
Elevation change:285 metres (until 2016: 235 metres)
Altitude finishline:510 metres (until 2016: 465 metres)
GPS coordinates:38° 40′ 9″ – -0° 11′ 26″
Fastest Time:3:20,129
Average Speed:105,36 km/h
Short Facts:Blue pinpoint on map shows the finishline used until 2016.

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Subida a Castell de Guadalest – List of Winners
1969Julio GargalloPorsche 911R5:06,90
24/05/2014Daniel AlbertSpeed Car3:06,262Results
23/05/2015Daniel AlbertSilver Car S23:02,277Results
23/04/2016Saul ArnauSpeed Car GT3:01,834Results
26/05/2018Daniel AlbertSilver Car S23:20,129Results

140524_guadalest CARTEL FINAL CARTEL con logos

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