Calendar Madrid Hillclimb Championship 2018

The 2018 Madrid Hillclimb Championship will be competed over 7 events. Two brand new events are on the schedule, the Subida a Atalaya Segurilla and the Subida a Colmenar de Oreja.

08/04/2018Subida La CabreraLa CabreraMadrid
29/04/2018Subida a la Atalaya de SegurillaSegurillaCastilla La Mancha
03/06/2018Subida Al Puerto de El BoquerónEl HerradónCastilla Leon
24/06/2018Subida a ParacuellosParacuellos de JaramaMadrid
09/09/2018Subida a Colmenar de OrejaMadrid
07/10/2018Subida Al PiélagoEl Real de San VicenteCastilla La Mancha
11/11/2018Subida a El Vellón - Memorial Leon de CosEl VellónMadrid

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