Calendar French Hillclimb Championship Division Two 2018

The French Hillclimb Championship Division 2 returns in 2018 with the same 4 races that were scheduled this year. Gemenos now opens the season on 12 & 13 May. After travelling to Quillan and Andorra, the championship already finishes 23 & 24 June in La Broque.

CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de Mont VentouxBédoin
19-20/05/2018Course de Côte de Quillan - Col du PortelQuillan
CANCELLEDCourse de Côte de Gémenos - Le BaumeGémenos
09-10/06/2018Pujada ArinsalArinsal
07-08/07/2018Course de Côte de La BroqueSchirmeck

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