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All of the around 5000 results on this website are now searchable. You can use the searchbar on the top right, below the menu bar. It is still very basic because I do not know how many people will actually use it.

If you type in “Jacques Marchal” it will return every page were Jacques Marchal is mentioned (Duh!). However it will also include pages like the results for the Course de Côte du Mont Dore were Patrick Marchal and Jacques Tkatchenko are mentioned. It will also include this page you are reading right now and every other page where the words “Jacques” and “Marchal” are mentioned. As I said, the search function is still basic. Also beware of spelling errors, like Yanick or Yannick Bodson. I try to correct them as best as I can, but they always manage to slip through.

Please let me know what you think and how I can improve this website further.

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