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In the next few weeks I am making the results database completely searchable. In that process I will also give every track page a small update. An example of the ‘new look’ can be viewed on the Glasbachrennen trackpage. There are a about a 1000 trackpages and thousands of results so it will take a little while…

In the meantime the more regular updates will continue, so stay tuned!

And finally a happy 2017 to everyone!

384 hillclimb results in 2016

This year I collected 384 results from hillclimbs all over Europe. The vast majority of them came from just two countries: Spain (101) and France (97). The rest was divided over 20 other nations. I also collected 297 posters from all the events contested in 2016.

In 2015 I collected 360 results however I only started following the Greek (17) and Serbian (6) Championships in 2016. Without those two countries the totals are almost equal both years.

For a complete breakdown of 2016 results per country click on more.

More …

Standings Updated

The 2016 Romanian Hillclimb Championship now has detailed points standings for the OPEN Category and also for Group A, Group H, Group N and the 2-wheel-drive championships. The points standings can be found here together with all of this year’s class and group winners.

The points standings for the Serbian Hillclimb Championship are also added. You can find these here, again with all the 2016 class winners.

Standings Updated

There now points standings for the:
Slovakian Hillclimb Championship
Slovakian Historic Hillclimb Championship
Slovakian Hillclimb Cup
Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship Division 1-2-3
Belgian Regional Hillclimb Championship Division 4
British Hillclimb Championship
British Hillclimb Leaders Championship

Plus all the relevant class and group winners of these championships.

Missing Results

I am still missing some results from this year. Of the hillclimbs that I know of I am missing:
Kruje Hillclimb / Trofeu Skenderbej in Albania. This hillclimb was part of the FIA CEZ.
Course de Côte de Barcelonnette – Le Sauze
Course de Côte de Sumène
Course de Côte des Mimosas

All four hillclimb are also missing the 2015 results. If anyone can help me with the results I would be very grateful.

Results update

The following results were added recently:
Rampa de Boticas
Loton Park
Subida a Los Loros
Subida a Casarabonela
Subida A Fraga
Subida a Campo Lopez
Toxotes Hillclimb
Pititsa Hillclimb
Portaria Hillclimb
Nagrada Kursumlija

Results Update

The following results were added:
Subida a Vejer
Subida a Urraki
Pujada a Sa Cala (Ibiza)
Rampa do Livramento – Canhas
Trofeul Campulung Muscel
Trofeul Opel
Bergrallye Gossendorf
Camucia Cortona
Giarre – Montesalice – Milo

Detailed points standings

There are now detailed points standings for the following championships:
European Hillclimb Championship – Category I – II
International Hillclimb Cup – Category I – II – III
European Historic Hillclimb Championship – Category I – II – III – IV – V
All available on this page.

Belgian Hillclimb Championship – Category I – II – III plus all the class and group winners.
Belgian Hillclimb Cup – Category I – II – III plus all the class and group winners.
They can be viewed on this page.

Bosnia and Hercegovina Hillclimb Championship – Overall plus class and group winners.
Croatia Hillclimb Championship – Category I – II, the historics and all class and group winners.
Czech Republic Hillclimb Championship – Overall, Division 1-2-3 and all class and group winners.
France Hillclimb Championship – Production and Sport.
Luxembourg Hillclimb Championship – Category I – II
Slovenia Hillclimb Championship – Overall plus all the class and group winners.

The standings for the other countries will follow later, if possible…

Results Update

I am trying to restore everything that was lost since the website breakdown. I think I have everything up and until 18 September. After that date I have recently added:
Course de Côte de Limonest – Mont Verdun
Course de Côte du Col de Vignon
Course de Côte de Circuit de Bresse
Course de Côte de Pourville
Course de Côte du Col de Vence
Course de Côte de Lodève
Coppa Nissena
Cividale – Castelmonte
Coppa Del Chianti
Bergrennen Mickhausen
Bergrennen Esthofen – Sankt Agatha
Subida al Parque del Castillo
Subida a Jaizkibel
Subida a Urbasa
Pujada a PuigMajor
Subida a Tamaimo
Subida Al Pielago
Subida a La Santa

The rest will follow as soon as possible.