Results Truskavets Grand Prix 2017

The Ukraine Hillclimb Championship started last weekend with a double header on two very different tracks. Lets start with Saturdays results before putting Sundays results in the next post.

The Truskavets Grand Prix was a brand-new hillclimb on the calendar. The organisers drew a 3,2 kilometre long race track right through the heart of Truskavets. A competitive field of 24 drivers, nice weather and a good crowd combined to make the event a succes. Six drivers in nearly equal Mitsubishi Lancers would contest for victory and four of them actually did. At the end of the day the first four drivers were seperated by less than two seconds! Pavlo Chumakov was the fastest of them and he took home victory. Anton Korzun and Volodimir Petrenko had the exact same time in two of the three races, but Korzun was .1 second better in the third. This was enough for Korzun to take the runner-up spot. Last year’s champion Boris Gandzha was the unlucky one as he finished fourth.

25/03/2017 – Truskavets Grand Prix
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 ChumakovPavloMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXA44:28,70
2 KorzunAntonMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXA44:29,80
3 PetrenkoVolodimirMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXA44:29,90
4 GandzhaBorisMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXA44:30,40
5 ApostolyukVolodimirLada 2113A34:42,20
6 MazurStepanMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXA44:42,80
7 RakusIvanHonda CRXA34:46,20
8 SkuzIgorFord FiestaA34:48,60
9 ZhovtonogValeriyFord FiestaA34:50,70
10 SerovRuslanLada 21083A34:57,10
11 BabakSergiyLada 21083A34:57,70
12 KravtsivMikolaVolkswagen Golf IIA35:01,40
13 SlezinskiyOlegOpel Kadett GSiA35:01,50
14 ErokhinVadimHonda CivicA35:08,90
15 IlinGeorgiyLada 2113A25:16,10
16 KutsinIvanFord EscortA35:17,20
17 KozinRomanHonda CRXA35:19,30
18 MedvedchenkoOleksandrZAZ 1102A15:23,10
19 KrilLyubomirMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXA45:23,60
20 MikhaylenkoOleksandrOpel Kadett GSiA35:24,20
21 VerlanovSergiyLada 2105A35:30,70
22 RevegaOleksandrLada 21083A25:31,90
23 ShundarevskaCristinaVolkswagen Golf IIA35:34,10
24 ErokhinVadimHonda CivicA25:39,50

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