Results Lviv Standard Hillclimb (Day 2) 2017

On Sunday the drivers moved to the Skhidnytsia Hillclimb. Championship leader Petrenko was absent for some reason. If Volodymyr Apostolyuk finished in the top 3 he would win the title. With a second place he more than managed that. A sensational championship for the VAZ 2113 pilot who had to take on the more powerful Mitsubishi Lancers. Valeriy Zhovtonoh was the final race winner of 2017.

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Results Lviv Standard Hillclimb (Day 1) 2017

The Lviv Standard Hillclimb was the final event of the Ukranian Hillclimb Championship. On day 1 the drivers tackled the Klymets’ Hillclimb. Volodymyr Petrenko won the event in his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX. With that victory he took the points lead away from Volodymyr Apostolyuk, who finished second.

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Preview and Timing Lviv Standard Hillclimb 2017

After a break of three months the Ukrainian Hillclimb Championship resumes with the Lviv Standard Hillclimb. It is also the final race weekend of the 2017 season.

As usual the event is divided into two races on different roads. On Saturday the competitors tackle the Klymets Hillclimb. This 2,7 kilometre long hillclimb starts with six hairpins and ends with a fast run to the finish line. The day after everyone moves towards the Skhidnytsia Hillclimb. This road is also 2,7 kilometres long but has more medium-speed corners. Both hillclimbs were also on the schedule the past two years so they will be familiar to the drivers.

The current championship standings have Vladimir Petrenko in the lead with 79 points. The Mitsubishi Lancer pilot has a nine-point advantage over Vladimir Apostolyuk. Ivan Rakus also has a small chance for the title. Rakus is currently third with 65 points.

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Results Turka Hillclimb 2017

On Day 2 of the Beskid Hillclimb Weekend the competitors were originally scheduled to compete on the hillclimb with the same name. However at the very last minute it was decided that the road surface of the Beskid Hillclimb was not good enough. Instead the competitors moved to another road nearby for a hillclimb that was dubbed the Turka Hillclimb.

Despite this sudden change Volodymyr Petrenko was again the fastest driver. With this victory he collected the maximum amount of points from this weekend. Championship leader Volodymyr Apostolyuk finished only fourth this time. However he remains in the lead, although by just two points and with a worse drop score.
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Results Uzhok Border Hillclimb 2017

The Ukraine Hillclimb Championship continued with the Beskid Hillclimb Weekend. On Saturday the competitors visitd a brand-new event called the Uzhok Border Hillclimb. Volodymyr Petrenko had a trouble-free day as he took victory. Ivan Rakus finished second after a battle with championship leader Volodymyr Apostolyuk. Rally-driver Igor Lohmann had a bad starting position which forced him to drive through the rain. As a result he finished only fourth.

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Preview, Timing and Entrylist Beskid Hillclimb Weekend 2017

The Ukranian Hillclimb Championship continues this weekend with rounds four and five. Together they are called the Beskid Hillclimb Weekend. The Beskid Hillclimb itself will be tackled on Sunday. This is the well-known Hillclimb that starts in Uzhok and has been part of the championship for a number of years now.
On Saturday the competitors contest on the other side of the mountain in a hillclimb called Uzhok Border. Here they will start in a town called Borynya and drive 3,6 kilometres uphill. This will be the first time that this hillclimb is competed in the championship.

Fourteen drivers are on the entrylist so far. Including them are 3 drivers in the topclass A4. Judging from this list Volodymyr Petrenko can be considered the favourite for victory.

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Results Bukovel Hillclimb 2017

The day after the Trembita Hillclimb the drivers moved to the Bukovel Hillclimb for the third round of the Ukranian Hillclimb Championship. None of the top drivers were present for several reasons. One reason is that here only one of the two races counted towards points, while other events are double-headers. Another is that the Bukovel Hillclimb does not have the best quality of road surface.

Sergei Babak was not present at the Trembita Hillclimb. But to compensate the VAZ 21083 pilot entered twice at Bukovel! In the Ukraine it is possible to enter the same car with the same driver in two different classes. However only one of the entries could score championship points. Babak set his fastest time of the day in the A3 entry. However his next two fastest times were with the IC entry. So on aggragate he had no chance for victory. Still he finished second and third overall. Just like the day before the winner was Volodymyr Apostolyuk.
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Results Trembita Hillclimb 2017

Last Saturday there was an non-championship hillclimb called the Trembita Hillclimb. It was the first edition of this race. The topdrivers were not present so victory went to Volodymir Apostolyuk in the VAZ 2113.
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Preview and Timing Bukovel Hillclimb 2017

In two weeks time the Hillclimb Championship of the Ukraine continues with its second event of the season. It is another double header event with two distincts races on Saturday and Sunday. Unlike the other races on the calendar there will be only points on Sunday this time.

On Saturday the competitors will tackle a brand-new 3,4 kilometres long road called the Trembita Hillclimb. The day after the drivers will travel west towards the Bukovel Hillclimb. This second event is more well-known as it has been in the championship the last few years already. Last year’s winner Borys Gandja is surely the favourite for victory again.

The timing of the weekend is below. More updates will follow soon, if possible. But if you want to know more about Hillclimb Racing in the Ukraine you can also use the hashtag #hillclimb_ukraine on the various social media platforms.

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Hillclimb videos Truskavets and Modrychi 2017

Below are a couple of videos of the two Ukrainian hillclimbs that were competed last weekend.

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