Results Trofeul Serus (Rasnov) 2018

The Trofeul Serus, also known as the Rasnov Hillclimb, was the first round of the Romanian Hillclimb Championship. With a record entry and nice weather it was a perfect weekend.

Simone Tempestini dominated the event. The Radical SR4 pilot was fastest in all practise and timed practise sessions and also in both race sessions. After winning the first rally of the year, his victory at Rasnov now puts him in the lead of both the national rally and hillclimb championships. Andrei Dumitrescu was second all through the weekend. However a brilliant fast time from Lucian Radut in the final race almost changed the order. Dumitrescu kept his second place by just .024 seconds! Costi Stratnic in the specatcular Dacia Logan STCC finished fourth overall. Alexandru Pitigoi was best of the GT-cars in fifth. However the Porsche 997 GT3 pilot was a guest driver and scores no points. The points for fifth instead go to the next driver Mihai Leu. The former champion made his comeback after 10 years and immediately placed his Ferrari F458 Challenge in sixth overall. Dan Girtofan in seventh was also a guest driver. So Group A victory and best 2-wheel-drive pilot was Septimiu Marghitas.

21-22/04/2018 – Trofeul Serus (Rasnov)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 TempestiniSimoneRadical SR4D/E3:36,319
2 DumitrescuAndreiTatuusD/E3:41,818
3 RadutLucianMitsubishi LancerH43:41,842
4 StratnicCostiDacia Logan STCCH43:54,485
5 PitigoiAlexandruPorsche 911 GT3H43:57,162
6 LeuMihaiFerrari F458 ChallengeH43:57,814
7 GirtofanDanSkoda Fabia R5A44:01,661
8 MarghitasSeptimiuSeat LeonA44:02,055
9 PorcisteanuValentinSkoda Fabia R5A44:02,669
10 SerbanAndreiSkoda FabiaH24:02,909
11 VoicuFlorinFerrari F458 ChallengeH44:05,635
12 CiucaClaudiuRenault MeganeH24:06,345
13 CozmaEduardAudi R8 GTH44:06,903
14 MitroiAlexandruMitsubishi LancerA44:07,415
15 AurConstantinSkoda Fabia R5A44:07,636
16 PrepelitaDanAudi RS4H44:08,670
17 CismaruCatalinBMW 135DH44:09,439
18 AndronacheAurelianRenault Clio III CupH34:09,588
19 CiobotaruCiprianMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIIA44:09,922
20 CiovicaOctavianMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXN44:10,302
21 RuseaBogdanRenault MeganeH24:10,789
22 OtilDaniRadical SR4D/E4:11,490
23 NestorEmilRadical RXC V8D/E4:11,564
24 SoosIstvanSubaru ImprezaN44:12,451
25 PlesaMihaiHonda Civic Type-RH24:12,829
26 NicolaeIonMitsubishi LancerN44:15,268
27 AndreiMarianSpeed Car GTD/E4:16,009
28 NicaMarianAudi R8H44:19,208
29 GrubaCosminVolkswagen GolfH24:19,294
30 DolofanCristianMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXN44:20,648
31 OnofreiGabrielNissan Silvia S15H44:22,146
32 PatricheVictorasMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIIA44:22,747
33 CascavalAndreiSubaru Impreza N14N44:24,786
34 MaghetiuDanSubaru Impreza WRXN44:26,878
35 MadutaAdrianPeugeot 306H34:27,575
36 ArgesanuDragosMitsubishi Lancer EVO XH44:28,160
37 VidicanCosminRenault ClioH24:29,480
38 LomanariuTudorBMW 540iH44:29,715
39 TeodorVladBMW E36H34:30,393
40 GhineaEmilRenault Clio TrophyH34:32,433
41 MineaBogdanHonda Civic Type-RH34:32,472
42 StoianGabrielHonda CivicH14:32,861
43 RomasOctavianHonda CivicH14:35,859
44 SanduDanielHonda CivicH14:36,693
45 VinczeEmil CsabaFord Focus STH44:39,039
46 CiopleiasIonutCitroën C2A14:39,274
47 TurcanuPaulRenault Clio MaxiH24:39,680
48 BalanCosminRenault ClioA24:39,968
49 LazarCalinPeugeot 206A24:40,832
50 IonescuClaudiuVolkswagen GolfH14:41,054
51 KrepelkaAlexandruHonda CivicN14:43,768
52 HarnageaLucianHonda Civic Type-RA24:45,441
53 PopescuCostinHonda CivicN14:47,025
54 CrucitiaRaresPeugeot 106N14:48,158
55 MoisiiIonutCitroën SaxoN14:49,070
56 CristeaAlinCitroën SaxoH14:51,663
57 ZamfirMihailCitroën C2R2A14:51,685
58 FrunzaRazvanCitroën SaxoA14:52,886
59 CostiugMihaiSuzuki Ignis SportN14:53,150
60 CioroiuCodrut StefanRenault MeganeA24:54,428
61 TrifonescuDragos ViorelRenault MeganeH34:54,618
62 IlieVanessaSuzuki SwiftN14:55,822
63 PetrescuBogdanVolkswagen GolfH34:57,921
64 TanasieAntonia IoanaRenault ClioH25:00,712
65 NagyClaudiuVolkswagen GolfH25:07,532
66 NeascuDumitruDacia LoganN15:29,297
67 TudorLiviuDacia LoganN15:30,097
68 MaresanuConstantin IulianDacia LoganN15:37,323
69 CraciunAlexandruPeugeot 206A15:50,626

21-22/04/2018 – Trofeul Serus (Rasnov) (Historic)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 GhigeaCatalin CedricDe Tomaso PanteraI2/B44:22,265
2 PerianCamilMG C GTI2/B44:50,416
3 AlexandrescuDorinVolkswagen GolfI2/B24:51,466
4 BorticaAdrianBMW 1602I2/B25:00,679
5 ComsaMarianInnocenti Mini CooperI1/A15:04,575

21-22/04/2018 – Trofeul Serus (Rasnov) (Division 2)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Fase AFase B
1 SchiopulescuEugenVolkswagen Golf GTIA34:50,4744:43,068
2 BedoBarnaBMW M3A34:51,0164:44,780
3 RusuBogdan IoanRenault ClioA14:59,4524:53,375
4 RogozIoanRenault ClioA25:03,3954:55,990
5 DobreValentinVolkswagen GolfA25:10,5424:59,041
6 StoicaCostinRenault ClioA25:06,0344:59,686
7 BalteanuCatalinPeugeot 106A15:11,5044:59,867
8 TudoseConstantinHonda CivicA15:08,5555:02,236
9 CosmoiuAlexandruRenault MeganeA25:07,0735:06,420
10 TuguleaLucianHonda CivicA25:35,5905:13,253
11 RogozanSergiu EugenRenault MeganeA25:15,8085:28,970
12 FazakasErik ZsoltRenault TwingoA15:23,8915:16,494
13 ParaschivCalin DanielMitsubishi ColtA25:28,2535:17,216
14 BadeaGheorgheCitroën C2 GTA15:21,2305:22,288
15 CsatoRolandCitroën SaxoA15:27,131
16 NastasaEmanual IulianFord PumaA25:38,790
17 TesleaAlexandruOpel Astra GA25:46,1495:48,543
18 BotezatuRomeoRenault MeganeA16:26,9096:22,683

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