Results Trofeul Opel (Braşov) 2017

The Trofeul Opel was the final round of the Romanian Hillclimb Championship. This hillclimb used the same road as the Marele Premiu al Orașului Braşov that was competed earlier this year. Paul Andronic was already certain of the championship before the event. He was present in Braşov but retired after the first race session. For the second time this year the Italian Radical Team was visited Romania. This time they the Italian Michele Esposito was their driver. The potential of their cars was again obvious as Esposito took a simple victory.

Only drivers with a Romanian license can score points for the championship. Guest driver Esposito was therefore invisible for the points. Instead second placed Andrei Dumitrescu took the 25 points normally reserved for the winner. With this victory he leaps over Lucian Radut in the championship to finish second overall. Radut was third in Braşov which saw him end up also third in the championship.

The championships of the different groups were also already decided before the events. Paul Andronic is obviosuly the new champion in Group H. Andrei Dumitrescu was the only regular driver in Group D/E so also an obvious champion. Adi Iliescu was the most consistent in Group A and also won the final two races. Alexandru Mitroi dominated Group N this year and is the deserving champion. Costi Stratnic was the best driver in Group GT and even scored an overall victory in Sinaia. Gabriel Ene won three events in Group F2 and finished second in another three. This secured him the Group title.

14-15/10/2017 – Trofeul Opel (Brasov)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 EspositoMicheleRadical SR4DE4:28,347
2 DumitrescuAndreiTatuusDE4:37,753
3 RadutLucianMitsubishi LancerH44:39,544
4 GardeanCornelSubaru ImprezaH44:41,970
5 StratnicCostiDacia Logan STCCH44:48,970
6 ZabercaOvidiuMitsubishi LancerH44:54,607
7 ManolovHristoMitsubishi LancerH44:54,940
8 IliescuAdiMitsubishi LancerA45:01,872
9 SerbanAndreiSkoda FabiaH25:03,300
10 TarabelliRiccardoRenault ClioH35:03,431
11 CiucaClaudiuRenault MeganeH25:04,250
12 AndronacheAurelianRenault Clio CupH35:04,547
13 MitroiAlexandruMitsubishi LancerN45:06,333
14 HorteaIstvan SoosSubaru ImprezaN45:06,597
15 VoicuFlorinFerrari F430 ChallengeH45:10,642
16 CiovicaOctavianSkoda Fabia R5A45:11,533
17 SencheaDuduMitsubishi LancerN45:14,883
18 NicolaeIonMitsubishi LancerN45:15,884
19 NopceaMariusHonda Civic EG6H15:17,253
20 RadulescuCristianMitsubishi LancerA45:17,713
21 BarabasRobertFiat 126H15:19,303
22 VasilacheClaudiuCitroën SaxoH15:19,510
23 PatricheVictorasMitsubishi LancerH45:19,859
24 PorcisteanuValentinRenault ClioH25:20,743
25 SamoilaBogdanSeat Ibiza DieselH35:25,943
26 MaghetiuDanSubaru ImprezaN45:28,217
27 OtilDanRenault Clio R3TA25:28,667
28 StoianGabrielHonda CivicH15:28,900
29 TeodorVladBMW 325 E36H35:31,057
30 GhigeaCatalin CedricAlfa Romeo AlfettaI25:31,660
31 ClaudiuErhanMitsubishi LancerN45:31,983
32 TudorLomanariuBMW E34H45:32,574
33 CrucitiaRaresPeugeot 208 R2A15:34,373
34 TurcanuPaulRenault Clio SportH25:35,530
35 MineaBogdanHonda CivicH25:35,927
36 CismaruCatalinBMW 135DH45:36,871
37 LazarCalinPeugeot 206A25:40,391
38 AndreiMarianCitroën C2R2A15:40,470
39 GraefGuntherBMW 2002I15:40,580
40 NeculaRaduSuzuki Swift SportN15:42,880
41 NastaseBogdanMitsubishi LancerN45:44,294
42 KrepelkaAlexandruHonda CivicN15:45,660
43 DragulinMihaiBMW M3H45:45,670
44 GanescuCostinFiat X1/9I25:48,377
45 HarnageaLucianHonda Civic EP3A25:49,004
46 AlexandrescuDorinVolkswagen Golf GTII25:53,616
47 ConstantinescuPetruOpel AsconaI25:56,347
48 BalanCosminRenault TwingoN16:00,503
49 PerianCamil AlexandruMG C GTI16:00,814
50 IenaselIonut-VictorPeugeot 106H16:02,230
51 AsmarandeiIonelRenault ClioA26:05,154
52 AlexandruRaduHonda CivicN16:05,586
53 ArifEnisSuzuki Swift SportN16:06,900
54 TeodorescuAndreiCitroën SaxoH16:07,510
55 CadarVanessaSuzuki SwiftN16:08,207
56 GrigorescuPatriciaDacia SanderoN16:08,690
57 FrunzaRazvanCitroën SaxoA16:08,836
58 MoisiiIonutCitroën SaxoN16:11,164
59 BorbelyLorinczBMW 2002 TiI26:16,397
60 RusciugaDanielDacia SanderoN16:21,087
61 TanasieAntonia-IoanaRenault Clio SportH26:22,204
62 BrezoszkiAndreiCitroën C2R2A16:23,143
63 SpuderkaDanDacia 1300I26:28,084
64 ProcopiuSilviu MarinelDacia SanderoN16:32,880
65 LupuCristianCitroën C2A16:33,536
66 SavloschiDragosBMW 330CDH46:35,769
67 RaducanuVlad-StefanDacia LoganN16:37,940
68 GollnerHeinzRenault 12I26:38,243
69 Dinulescu-IoanaSergiuFord FiestaN16:42,764
70 TudorLiviuDacia LoganN16:43,553
71 VinczeEmil CsabaSuzuki SwiftN16:52,891
72 IorgaOanaDacia LoganH17:17,699

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