Results Pujada a Villa de Pego 2017

The Pujada Villa de Pego was a brand-new hillclimb in Valenciana. Toni Ariete dominated in practise. He was the only driver to immediately break the 3 minute barrier. However in the races Ariete could not repeat his great practise time. In the first race Nacho Aviño was the quickest driver although still 2 seconds slower than Arietes practise time. In the second race the times improved. Aviño went quicker than before but Ariete was even quicker than him. However the surprising winner was Augusto Lezcano. The Van Diemen Renault driver does not compete in many hillclimbs but he did beat the regulars in Pego. Raul Borreguero dominated the touringcars as usual and took another victory with his powerful Mosler MT900R.

21/10/2017 – Pujada a Villa de Pego
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 LezcanoAugustoVan Diemen RenaultF2:58,006
2 ArieteToniBRC B-49CM2:58,511
3 AviñoNachoSpeed Car GTCM2:59,161
4 ArchilesCarlosSpeed Car GTRCM3:03,379
5 FernandezPedro LuisSpeed Car X-TremeKC3:06,877
6 BorregueroRaulMosler MT900RGT3:07,874
7 BravoAlejandroYacarKC3:08,697
8 MonfortAlejandroSemog BravoKC3:12,040
9 PorcarMiguelSeat Leon CupA23:14,470
10 BenitezJoséRenault 5 GT TurboHL3:15,957
11 GinesRubenBMW M3HL3:17,988
12 GonzalezBernardBMW M3GT3:18,451
13 OrtolaOscarPeugeot 106F23:23,679
14 ArenasIvanRenault MeganeF23:23,855
15 RomeroToniBMW 325HL3:24,779
16 HernandezJuanRenault 11 TurboHL3:26,196
17 GilRafaelRenault Clio SportA3:28,034
18 SanchoPascualRenault Clio SportN3:29,557
19 LozanoJorgeSpeed CarKC3:32,316
20 AfonsoMahyBMW E36GR53:34,375
21 BaldoZoeRenault ClioH3:34,673
22 PaaschDanielBMW 323 TiHL3:36,776
23 BallesterosManuelRenault 5 GT TurboH3:37,120
24 SanchezSalvadorPeugeot 306 GTIA3:37,544
25 MondejarAntonioRenault Clio SportN3:37,583
26 GalaManuPeugeot 205 GTIH3:38,868
27 PastorEnricHyundai Accent CupA23:39,487
28 AnguixJulianHyundai Accent CupA23:40,584
29 GarciaFranciscoPeugeot 106 RallyeN3:40,894
30 FernandezTeoAlfa Romeo GiuliaH3:44,518
31 SanchezJoséBMW 328iHL3:48,060
32 AsensioVictorPeugeot 206 GTIA3:54,358
33 GomisTonyAlpine A110H3:54,718
34 IbañezFranciscoPeugeot 106 RallyeN4:11,893
35 IvarsAntonioCitroën SaxoN4:21,543

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