Results Lima Racet 2017

The third and final event of the Swedish Hillclimb Championship was the Lima Racet. As usual the event was split up in two seperate points scoring races on Saturday and Sunday. In Sweden there is no general championship, only class championships.

The championship in Class 5 is a mix between class 52 and 53. Only 3 drivers contested every race in every weekend. Roger Andersson is the new champion with Elisabet Petterson and Katriina Hellström in second and third. The two ladies also finish first and second in the female classifications.

In class 4 Martin Jonsson won both races in Lima. As the Opel Kadett GSi pilot had also won the previous four races he is the new class 4 champion. For 2018 he is aiming to move into the Supercar Lites class in rallycross.

In class 1 the title race was still open between Lars Svensson and Christer Nilsson. Last year Nilsson narrowly won the championship. This year it would be the other way around. Svensson had to win on both days to win the title and he succeeded in his mission.

Most of the competitors were entered in class 2. Peter Karlsson had to beat his rival Henrik Flodin twice in order to win the championship. Karlsson set the fastest time of everybody on Sunday. However he finished only second behind Flodin on Saturday. So Flodin was again the champion, for the sixth time in his career.

Class 3 saw a close battle between Oskar Sundell and Jimmy Holmkvist. All season long the difference between them was measured in hundredths of a seconds. That was no different in Lima. On Saturday Sundell was the better of the two by just .01 seconds. On Sunday Holmkvist was the better of the two with .28 seconds. Over the season Sundell was 4 times winner and Holmkvist only 2 times which gave Sundell the class 3 championship.

16-17/09/2017 – Lima Racet
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Fase AFase B
1 KarlssonPeterOpel Vectra253,5552,21
2 HolmkvistJimmyVolvo 940352,9552,42
3 SvenssonLarsVolvo S40152,7752,56
4 SundellOskarBMW M3352,9452,70
5 NilssonChristerVolvo S40153,5352,75
6 FlodinHenrikVolvo S40253,2952,80
7 IsraelssonAndreasMercedes Benz C240254,7652,82
8 LundbergMikaelVolkswagen Golf353,7452,86
9 ErikssonMikaelPorsche 996 RC153,5852,93
10 JonssonMartinOpel Kadett GSi454,8953,23
11 BlomkvistPer-ErikFord Fiesta TC254,9653,25
12 LevinAndreasNissan Sunny353,5253,27
13 SjöbomAndersVolvo S40255,5053,44
14 SkoglundJonasSaab 99455,1953,51
15 OlssonKent JariVolvo S40155,1153,55
16 WiikPatrickOpel Ascona B255,2053,56
17 OlssonKennethFord Escort MK2354,0353,64
18 AnderssonCarl-GustavVolvo S40255,2653,87
19 DavidssonLarsAlpine A310355,9153,89
20 BerglundRikardBMW Compact354,8254,25
21 BaathDanielOpel Kadett GT/E254,9654,27
22 JanssonHenrikBMW M3256,9654,76
23 LindGöran ZamoraCitroën Xsara254,87
24 SöderqvistTobiasVolvo 940355,7154,99
25 AlbinssonPatrikVolvo 940456,8355,00
26 SällinenIlpoOpel Ascona B355,15
27 AvelinAndersBMW E30256,1155,26
28 KanervaGöranVolvo 242357,1055,27
29 JonssonMarkusMazda RX-7457,0855,35
30 StafasDavidVolvo 242357,5855,37
31 JäderbergGregerVolvo S40155,8055,50
32 SvärdhMichaelVolvo 240456,9655,54
33 RundbergMaxBMW E36457,4555,71
34 SjöströmJensVolvo 940356,5555,82
35 StrömgrenNilsVolvo 240357,4256,01
36 HallqvistAlexanderOpel Kadett GSi356,6156,02
37 FärmRobertVolkswagen Golf III357,6756,14
38 JohanssonPeterOpel Ascona B358,2556,34
39 IsraelssonLasseFord Escort356,5556,35
40 EdbergTommyVolkswagen Corrado256,69
41 WaugeUlfOpel Ascona B358,4257,01
42 AppelkvistEmilBMW E36457,9957,04
43 SelldénJoakimVolvo 36021:00,9057,09
44 JohanssonMikaelBMW E36257,17
45 AxelssonStefanFord Escort21:00,9457,86
46 SchilströmJohanVolvo PV459,4758,46
47 GrubbPerBMW E36358,9158,52
48 JohanssonBengtFord Sierra31:00,9559,24
49 HolmgrenMartinFord Escort MK231:00,8659,80
50 BackströmSven-OlovSaab 9941:00,35
51 NilssonHenryVolkswagen Golf II31:01,071:00,38
52 JonssonJanVolvo 850521:02,921:00,85
53 SvelanderHakanOpel Corsa B21:03,151:01,13
54 JohanssonMatsVolvo 24441:02,541:01,20
55 AnderssonRogerFord Escort531:03,251:01,94
56 JonssonUrbanVolvo S50521:03,98
57 PetterssonElisabetVolvo 940251:07,011:05,84
58 HellströmKatriinaVolvo 940521:08,591:06,85
59 HellkvistMatsVolvo 240521:07,96

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