Results Tjustjakten 2017

Results of the Tjustjakten.

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Results Ånnabodabacken 2017

The Swedish Hillclimb Championship started this weekend with the Ånnabodabacken. The Ånnabodabacken is a short hillclimb that is completely gravel. The event was a double header with practise and two race sessions on Saturday and again on Sunday. Just over 40 drivers were present for this season opener.

Without any 4-wheel-drive cars present the topclass reverted instead to class 1: Rallycross Supercars 2WD +2400. The three fastest drivers of the weekend participated in this class. Christer Nilsson was the strongest driver this weekend. He won on Saturday and on Sunday. Lars Svensson in a similar Volvo S40 was second quickest on both days and Stefan Aeng steered his unique Lexus IS200 to third place on each day. Henrik Flodin was the winner of class 2: Rallycross Supercars 2WD -2400 on Saturday but on Sunday it was Peter Karlsson who became class-winner. Karlsson also set fourth fastest time of the weekend. Class 3 for 2-wheel-drive rally cars saw the most entries. Oskar Sundell was the strongest of the 16 driver strong field. On both days the BMW M3 driver was quicker than Jimmy Holmkvist and Kenneth Olsson.

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Calendar Swedish Hillclimb Championship 2017

Starting this year I will also try to bring you the latest information about the Swedish Hillclimb Championship. Five weekends are scheduled this year, each hosting a double-header. There are also a number of non-championship events. Most of these are sprints around racetracks and not actual hillclimbs, so they are not included here.

The hillclimbs are quite short, most are around 1 kilometre in length. Still they present a big challenge to the drivers. Unique in Europe is that the championship contains both tarmac and gravel events.

There are five different classes in the Swedish Championship. Class 1 and 2 are reserved for 2-wheel-drive Rallycross cars, class 3 is for 2-wheel-drive Rally cars, class 4 for is for rallycross cars -2150cc and class 5 is for 4-wheel-drive cars of different sports. Different events also allow various other classes in support races, such as Cross-Karts and even sidecars.

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