Results Brdska Trka Djurdjevi Stupovi (Novi Pazar) 2017

The Brdska Trka Djurdjevi Stupovi was the first round of the Serbian Hillclimb Championship. This 2,65 kilometres long hillclimb near Novi Pazar was competed for the very first time. The race weekend was divided in two complete events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The Saturday event had two timed races while the Sunday event had three races. This explains why the times are so different between the days.

Champion Aleksa Radjovkovic switched to a new car this season. After competing in Group N last year Radjovkovic now moves up to the bigger E1 category. His new car is a Ford Focus and at Novi Pazar he made his first metres. The car lost its shine very quickly as Radojkovic rolled in Saturday practise. But the car was repaired in time for Sundays event where he finished second.

Winner on Saturday was Dejan Ilic. Perhaps he was helped a little by the changing weather conditions but in any case a great result for the Yugo pilot. With three fastest times Uros Brkic was the well deserved winner on Sunday.

29-30/04/2017 – Brdska Trka Djurdjevi Stupovi (Novi Pazar)
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Fase AFase B
1 IlicDejanYugo43:11,5214:33,654
2 PisaricZeljkoPeugeot 10643:15,0364:30,623
3 LambasaPredragYugo23:26,4764:57,735
4 LazarevicJovanYugo23:26,6014:51,950
5 KotorcevicLukaPeugeot 10633:27,0278:35,364
6 LukicDraganYugo43:27,730
7 ArsicDragoljubYugo23:31,7834:59,595
8 BrkicUrosHonda Civic53:33,0634:24,604
9 JovanovicBojanYugo13:35,8035:14,440
10 PijevicBranislavPeugeot 10633:36,9445:12,474
11 RisticDordeYugo13:37,6375:17,870
12 MaricMarkoYugo13:37,9155:13,598
13 JovanovicPetarYugo23:38,1324:59,908
14 BorovicaninMilosYugo23:41,3425:02,112
15 KaluderovicNemanjaYugo13:42,0395:21,475
16 GajicBorivojeYugo43:42,455
17 PanicDanijelPeugeot 10633:45,4105:28,165
18 RabrenovicBrankoRenault Clio Williams73:45,8554:57,801
19 KolarevicNenadYugo13:46,1575:25,367
20 MilisavljevicZoranYugo13:47,242
21 JakovljevicMirkoYugo13:50,222
22 JanosevicNebosjaOpel Astra73:54,8225:14,458
23 StojanovicStefanSuzuki Swift34:00,3665:20,360
24 SimeunovicMladenYugo14:09,1585:33,493
25 KosticVladanAlfa Romeo 15684:15,605
26 RadojkovicAleksaFord Focus84:27,222
27 LazaracStanisaMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII104:30,527

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