Results Brdska Trka Avala 2017

The Serbian Hillclimb Championship concluded with the Brdska Trka Avala. It was the second time this year the drivers visited this hillclimb. In June Avala hosted the Serbian round of the CEZ. Aleksa Radojkovic was already certain of the championship before the event. That was his good fortune as Radojkovic retired in Avala and scored no points. Without the champion Vitomir Cvetic had no one to stop him from victory. The experienced driver steered his all-white Volkswagen Golf to a 12 second lead. Dejan Ilic once again drove a stunning race but his 1400 cc Yugo is just not powerful enough to take on the big cars. Luka Kotorcevic completed the podium in Avala. The Peugeot 106 pilot is the rally champion in the Group N -1400 class, but in hillclimb racing he narrowly lost the title to Danijel Panic. Milos Paunovic made his debut in class 2 and immediately finished fourth overall. Mario Zahirovic finished fifth overall and would have secured the class 6 title. However his rival Milos Brkic filed a protest so the results remain unofficial.

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Results Brdska Trka Goč (Vrnjačka Banja) 2017

The Brdska Trka Goč near Vrnjačka Banja returned to the Serbian Hillclimb Championship after almost 10 years. Unlike most other events in Serbia the Goč Hillclimb was not a double header. Two practise sessions were competed on Saturday and two race sessions on Sunday. Winner was local hero Dragan Stojkovic. Stojkovic was only second quickest in the first race session but he managed to improve his time by a full seven seconds in the second race to claim victory. Stojkovic also saw his son David win in Class 1 and the Juniors. Aleksa Radojkovic was the unfortunate driver who got bumped from the lead by the elder Stojkovic. Still Radojkovic had no reason to feel sad as his second place secured him the Serbian Hillclimb Championship. Before the event Dejan Ilic still had a small chance for the title. Third place at Vrnjačka Banja was not enough obviously but still a great performance from the Yugo pilot.

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Results Nagrada Rakovice – Košutnjak 2017

Results of the Nagrada Rakovice – Košutnjak.

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Results Brdska Trka Avala (Belgrade) 2017

Results of the Brdska Trka Avala, a hillclimb near Belgrade.
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Results Brdska Trka Sokobanja 2017

The Serbian Hillclimb Championship continued with the Brdska Trka Sokobanja. Uros Brkic gave some good opposition to reigning champion Aleksa Radojkovic. After the first race session on Saturday the two were seperated by just half a second. However a technical problem in the second race saw Brkic lose time. He still finished second behind Radojkovic but did not compete on Sunday. Without his rival, Radojkovic took another comfortable win on Sunday.

The Sunday race was complicated by a major rainshower in the second race session. Because in Serbia the drivers compete in reversed order, that is fastest first, Radojkovic was actually one of the only drivers who could complete his run in the dry.

Viktor Davidoviski was the best driver in the popular Yugo Cup this weekend. However after his victory on Saturday the Macedonian saw himself disqualified from another certain victory on Saturday for his Yugo being underweight.
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Results Brdska Trka Djurdjevi Stupovi (Novi Pazar) 2017

The Brdska Trka Djurdjevi Stupovi was the first round of the Serbian Hillclimb Championship. This 2,65 kilometres long hillclimb near Novi Pazar was competed for the very first time. The race weekend was divided in two complete events, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The Saturday event had two timed races while the Sunday event had three races. This explains why the times are so different between the days.

Champion Aleksa Radjovkovic switched to a new car this season. After competing in Group N last year Radjovkovic now moves up to the bigger E1 category. His new car is a Ford Focus and at Novi Pazar he made his first metres. The car lost its shine very quickly as Radojkovic rolled in Saturday practise. But the car was repaired in time for Sundays event where he finished second.

Winner on Saturday was Dejan Ilic. Perhaps he was helped a little by the changing weather conditions but in any case a great result for the Yugo pilot. With three fastest times Uros Brkic was the well deserved winner on Sunday.
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Calendar Serbia Hillclimb Championship 2017

29-30/04/2017Brdska Trka Djurdjevi StupoviNovi Pazar
10-11/06/2017Brdska Trka SokobanjaSokobanja
24-25/06/2017Brdska Trka AvalaBelgrade
15-16/07/2017Nagrada Rakovice - KošutnjakBelgrade
29-30/07/2017Brdske Trke LopareLopare-Bijeljina
30/09-01/10/2017Brdska Trka GočVrnjačka Banja
14-15/10/2017Brdska Trka AvalaBelgrade

Results Nagrada Rakovice – Košutnjak 2016

Results of the Nagrada Rakovice – Košutnjak.

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Results Nagrada Kuršumlija 2016

Results of the Nagrada Kuršumlija.

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Results Brdska Auto Trka FAM Krusevac 2016

Results of the Brdska Auto Trka FAM Krusevac.

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