Title:Subida a Tejeda
Place:Cruz de Tejeda
Tracklength:4930 metres (2018: 6200 metres)
Elevation change:245 metres
Altitude finishline:1470 metres
GPS coordinates:27° 59′ 41″ – -15° 36′ 28″
Fastest Time:4:40,026
Average Speed:79,71 km/h

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Subida a Tejeda – List of Winners
18/05/1986Medardo PerezLancia 037 Rallye3:50,23
16/05/1987Medardo PerezLancia 037 Rallye3:43,91
02/09/1988Santiago AlvarezRenault 5 Maxi3:52,82
05/05/1990Luis MonzonFord Sierra Cosworth3:56,28
01/06/1991Medardo PerezLancia 037 Rallye3:54,53
02/05/1992Medardo perezLancia 037 Rallye3:54,10
27/11/1993Luis MonzonOsella BMW3:35,946
22/10/1994Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW3:32,035
22/07/1995Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW3:37,138
25/05/1996Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW3:33,792
24/05/1997Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW3:31,525
23/05/1998Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW3:28,302
25/04/2015Julio MartinezSpeed Car GT3:59,509Results
23/04/2016Samuel MarreroCitroën Saxo Kit-Car3:59,131Results
08/04/2017Luis MonzonMini Cooper WRC3:44,604Results
14/04/2018Rene SantanaSilver Car S24:40,026Results
14/04/2019Ivan ArmasPorsche 997 GT33:39,227Results

150425_tejeda 160423_tejeda

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