Title:Subida a Los Loros
Tracklength:8100 metres (until 2009: 5900 metres)
Elevation change:614 metres (9,14%)
Altitude finishline:1111 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 21′ 19″ – -16° 25′ 18″
Fastest Time:4:22,620
Average Speed:111,03 km/h

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Subida a Los Loros – List of Winners
16/09/1990Tomas GimenoMercedes Benz 190E
02/11/1991Juan Luis CruzMitsubishi Starion Turbo
13/10/2001Ricardo AveroCitroën Saxo Kit-Car
12/10/2002José RamosOsella PA20 BMW
11/10/2003Ricardo AveroLola T28 BMW
28/11/2004Eduardo Lauren GarciaBRC Suzuki
25/04/2005Eduardo Lauren GarciaBRC Suzuki
08/04/2006Cesar CorreaBRC Suzuki
24/03/2007José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki
29/03/2008Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/90 BMW
28/03/2009Pedro AfonsoSpeed Car GT
16/07/2016Jonathan MoralesSilver Car S24:41,023Results
25/03/2017Pedro PerezBRC CM05 EVO4:22,620Results
24/03/2018Javier RodriguezBRC CM05 EVO4:22,762Results
13/04/2019Javier AfonsoSilver Car S34:22,570Results


Subida a Los Loros – Accomodation

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