Title:Subida a Estepona Peñas Blancas
Tracklength:7600 metres (until 2016: 7900 metres) (2014: 7300 metres)
Elevation change:481 metres (until 2016: 488 metres (6,17%))
Altitude finishline:526 metres (until 2016: 610 metres)
GPS coordinates:36° 26′ 50″ – -5° 9′ 13″
Fastest Time:7:35,840 (2 runs)
Average Speed:120,04 km/h
Short FactsTrack used until 2014: blue pinpoint towards brown pinpoint
Track used until 2016: Yellow pinpoint towards brown pinpoint
Track used in 2017: Green pinpoint towards red pinpoint

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Subida a Estepona Peñas Blancas – List of Winners
05-06/04/2014Andrés VilariñoOsella PA20003:54,578Results
11-12/04/2015Andrés VilariñoNorma M20F8:27,587Results
12-13/03/2016Javier VillaBRC B-498:16,915Results
11-12/03/2017Javier VillaBRC B-528:01,307Results
17-18/03/2018Javier VillaBRC BR538:22,055Results
16-17/03/2019Javier VillaBRC B-537:35,840Results

140406_estepona 150412_estepona 160313_estepona

Subida a Estepona – Accomodation

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  1. Daniel says:

    Is this race on again in Estepona in 2020?

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