Title:Subida a El Tanque
Place:El Tanque
Tracklength:4500 metres
Elevation change:318 metres (7,7%)
Altitude finishline:415 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 22′ 7.68″ – -16° 46′ 51.9594″
Fastest Time:2:48,152
Average Speed:96,34 km/h

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Subida a El Tanque – List of Winners
31/07/1983Melchor Davila de VeraRenault 5 Turbo
02/09/2006Lauren GarciaBRC Suzuki
02/04/2011Pedro Javier AfonsoSpeed Car GTR2:52,340Results
02/06/2012José Antonio AfonsoSilver Car S22:53,986Results
20/07/2013Pedro Javier AfonsoSilver Car S22:48,152Results
15/03/2014Pedro Javier AfonsoSilver Car S22:54,417Results
07/03/2015Pedro Javier AfonsoSilver Car S22:50,861Results
02/04/2016Benito MartinBRC CM05 EVO2:51,843Results
11/03/2017Javier AfonsoSilver Car S22:54,541Results
10/03/2018Javier AfonsoSilver Car S22:48,813Results

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Subida a El Tanque – Accomodation

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