Title:Course de Côte Quillan Col du Portel
Tracklength:3700 metres
Elevation change:240 metres
Altitude finishline:605 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 52′ 46.2″ – 2° 10′ 7.68″
Fastest Time:1:44,208
Average Speed:127,82 km/h
Short FactsTracklength until 2011: 1650 metres
Tracklength 2012: 2000 metres
Tracklength 2013 & 2018 Regional: 1850 metres
The red pinpoint marks the old finishline.

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Course de Côte de Quillan – Col du Portel – List of Winners
23/05/2010Nicolas MassuNorma M200:49,710Results
12/06/2011Nicolas MassuNorma M200:50,280Results
27/05/2012Nicolas MassuNorma M201:01,007Results
19/05/2013Nicolas MassuNorma M200:57,120Results
08/06/2014Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:49,497Results
06-07/06/2015Cyrille FrantzNorma M20 FC1:44,208Results
14-15/05/2016Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:45,549Results
03-04/06/2017Dimitri PereiraNorma M20F1:46,219Results
23-24/09/2017Nicolas VerdierDallara F3021:45,824Results
19-20/05/2018REG: Jérémy Debels
NAT: Jérémy Debels
Osella PA21/S0:54,904

130519_quillan 140608_quillan 150607_quillan 160515_quillan

Course de Côte de Bettant – Accomodation

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