Title:Zámecký vrch
Place:Námešt nad Oslavou
Tracklength:2030 metres (until 2015: 2340 metres)
Elevation change:96 metres
Altitude finishline:460 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 12′ 25.2″ – 16° 9′ 41.04″
Fastest Time:1:47,56 (2 runs)
Average Speed:135,89 km/h

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Zámecký vrch (Námešt nad Oslavou) – List of Winners
03-04/05/2008Dusan NeverilLola B02/503:11,31Results
09-10/05/2009Marek RybnicekMitsubishi Colt2:04,379Results
08-09/05/2010Ales MlejnekOpel Lotus2:02,649Results
07-08/05/2011David KomarekNorma M20F1:55,93Results
05-06/05/2012Dusan NeverilNorma M201:50,97Results
04-05/05/2013Vaclav JanikLola B02/501:53,39Results
03-04/05/2014Vaclav JanikLola B02/501:54,37Results
02-03/05/2015David KomarekNorma M20 FC1:56,90Results
07-08/05/2016David KomarekNorma M20 FC1:52,52Results
06-07/05/2017David KomarekNorma M20 FC1:49,26Results
05-06/05/2018Milos BenesOsella FA301:47,56Results
04-05/05/2019Milos BenesOsella FA301:53,13Results

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Zámecký vrch, or Castle Hill, is not surprisingly named after a large castle that is located on that hill. It overlooks the small town of Námešt nad Oslavou some 40km west of Brno in Moravia. Build in Renaissance style with a priceless baroque interior, the castle is one of the most beautiful of the Czech Republic. It hosts a large collection of Belgian and French tapestries and a paintings collection. Another important monument is the richly decorated 18th century bridge over the Oslavo river.
The valley of the Oslavo is a pretty area ideal for hiking. But some 20km to the south lies a really special nature reservation. On the banks of the Jihlava river near Moheleno lies the northern most Steppe of Europe. The serpentin soil makes it a lot drier and warmer than the surrounding areas which results in an unique microklimat. Many species can only be found in this small park.

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