Title:Hillclimb Prolog (also known as: Brnenský drak)
Tracklength:4800 metres (until 2018: 2435 metres)
Elevation change:0 metres (until 2018: 70 metres)
Altitude finishline:420 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 12′ 10.08″ – 16° 27′ 38.5194″
Fastest Time:1:56,060 (2 runs)
Average Speed:145,17 km/h
Short Facts:Until 2018 the start was at the yellow pinpoint and the finish at the blue pinpoint.

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Brnensky drak – List of Winners
24-25/04/1998Jiri MicanekMartini F22:17,480
16-17/04/1999Otakar KramskyOsella PA20/S BMW2:43,245Results
15-16/04/2000Otakar KramskyOsella PA20/S BMW2:12,265Results
30-31/03/2001Otakar KramskyOsella PA20/S BMW2:06,069Results
13-14/04/2002Otakar KramskyOsella PA20/S BMW2:42,490Results
27-28/03/2004Otakar KramskyOsella PA20/S BMW2:12,750Results
09-10/04/2005Milos BenesLucchini P3-96M3:13,110Results
01-02/04/2006Milan SvobodaDallara F3023:14,840Results
07-08/04/2007Dusan NeverilLola T96/503:11,560Results
09-10/04/2011Milos BenesRalt RT233:04,970Results
31/03-01/04/2012Milos BenesOsella FA302:02,140Results
29-30/03/2014Milos BenesOsella FA301:56,060Results
02/04/2017Milos BenesOsella FA301:54,00Results
31/03/2018Milos BenesOsella FA301:56,44Results
06/04/2019Milos BenesOsella FA303:30,68Results
19-20/10/2019David KomarekMcLaren F1 EVO3:55,96Results

The Brno Circuit is the premier track in the Czech Republic. The current permanent circuit was build in 1986 to replace a larger street circuit in the area. Its original name of Masaryk circuit refers to the first president of Czechoslovakia, but it is now commonly referred to as the Brno Circuit. The most important event is the annual MotoGP race.
The Brnenský drak is an actual hillclimb as the track has more than 70m of elevation.
The track is located a few kilometres west of Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic. As former capital of Moravia you would expect many monuments from the late medieval era. And with buildings as the Špilberk Castle and the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul it does not disappoint. But what makes Brno really internationally important is the pre-WWII architecture. The city spearheaded the Functionalist movement, which is demonstrated nowhere better as in the Villa Tugendhat. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the villa is an icon of modernism and inscribed as a world heritage site in 2001.

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