Standings Luxembourg Hillclimb Championship 2018

The complete points standings of the Luxembourg Hillclimb Championship.

Luxembourg Hillclimb Championship – Category I
1 Canio Marchione59(40.2)4776.87974.287.6423.6
2 Nico Schilling48(30)37.5527154.672335.1
3 Charles Valentiny6334.85356.86251.1320.7
4 Monique Becker303634.567.25675298.7
5 Sandra Becker43(13.2)1625.645.519.653.4203.1
6 François Flammang33610.541.517.546.8155.3
7 Ivana Becker34.510.812.516.173.9
8 Pascal Becker31.51.81215.460.7

Luxembourg Hillclimb Championship – Category II
1 Tania Flammang71(47.4)6367.27361.681.6417.4
2 Daniel Donkels75(39.6)5266.47753.292.4416
3 Leon Linden31.8427385.2232

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