Results Subida a Opakua 2017

The Basque Hillclimb Championship started this weekend with the Subida a Opakua. It rained very hard all day and the race was actually stopped after the first timed race because of lightning. At that point the race track was already shortened because one of the drivers deposited a large amount of oil near the finish. It was then decided to bring the finishline a few hundred metres downhill. So even though winner Aitor Zabaleta set a faster time than last year, it does not count as a new trackrecord.

As mentioned Zabaleta won the Opakua Hillclimb for the fourth time in as many years. Joseba Olea was second fastest in practise but during the single race session he was passed by Arkaitz Ordoki and Joseba Iraola. Egoitz Coroso was fastest touringcar driver in practise but fell back to fourth in the race. Bruno Scherer was second fastest in practise but the Porsche 911 GT3 pilot ran into trouble in the race and ended up last. Instead it was Markel Cestafe who won with Igor Urien second. Ander Corcuera was third quickest touringcar driver and FL winner.

01/04/2017 – Subida a Opakua
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 ZabaletaAitorLola BMWC3 / 82:09,824
2 OrdokiArkaitzBRC B-49CMP72:18,566
3 IraolaJosebaDemon Car R34CM+82:19,313
4 OleaJosebaDemon Car R34CM+82:23,762
5 CestafeMarkelMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIIA52:25,557
6 UrienIgorCitroën AXE2 / 52:29,917
7 CorcueraAnderVolkswagen Golf IIFL102:30,473
8 CorosoAnderMitsubishi Lancer EVO IXN+62:32,078
9 GoirienaEnekoBMW M3R52:33,692
10 EchaveRicardoFord Sierra CosworthR52:35,364
11 “Lebeiti”Renault 5 TDCB62:36,307
12 LapuenteRubenRenault Clio SportF2 / 52:36,486
13 VazquezJuan CarlosSeat Leon CupraFL102:36,515
14 OlabegogeaskoetxeaIñigoBMW M3R52:36,622
15 HolkeRolandPeugeot 208 VTiR2 / 32:36,673
16 LapuenteIñakiRenault Clio SportA32:39,079
17 Lopez de GoikoetxeaIbanRenault 5 GT TurboFL102:39,464
18 SanzFrancisco JavierFord Escort ZakspeedH92:39,601
19 InsaustiJosé AntonioOpel KadettFL102:40,390
20 Perez de VillarealAndoniBMW E30FL102:42,444
21 DuperouJosephBMW CompactFL102:42,485
22 UncellaRobertoRenault 11 TurboR42:43,469
23 BobesManuelFord Escort MK1H92:45,702
24 Lopez de GuereñuOskarFord Escort MK2H92:45,812
25 Lopez de MuniainGaizkaBRC CM02CM72:47,233
26 PerezLuisBMW E21H92:48,410
27 SanzJosebaPeugeot 206 RCA32:48,554
28 UribarrenaIkerBMW 325iFL102:48,846
29 RomoEndikaBMW E30FL102:48,955
30 BilbaoUnaiCitroën Saxo VTSA22:49,745
31 BuesaIñigoBMW E30FL102:49,930
32 MugaPabloCitroën Saxo VTSA22:50,215
33 RendoEloyCitroën ZXF2 / 52:50,334
34 MendinuetaMikelPeugeot 205 GTIR32:50,740
35 SantosEderBMW E30FL102:51,679
36 RuizRobertoRenault 5 GT TurboF2 / 52:52,046
37 MartinDenisHonda Civic VTIR22:52,677
38 SchererLucasRenault Clio CupA2 / 42:53,210
39 Diaz-PulidoRafaelSimca Rallye IIH92:53,678
40 RacamondeIñakiCitroën AX SportR12:53,777
41 GorbeaJabiSimca Rallye IIH92:53,778
42 CelayaIñigoBMW 325iFL102:55,169
43 ErdoizaSantiagoBMW M3R52:56,069
44 GalileaIvan LuisBMW E30FL102:56,270
45 MorillaSergiBMW Serie 1FL102:56,782
46 Portu de CastroXabierOpel KadettR32:56,791
47 Lopez de GuereñuRubenCitroën Saxo VTSN12:56,890
48 ExpositoJonBMW E30FL102:57,400
49 MujikaXabierOpel Corsa GSiR22:58,800
50 ErrastiIkerCitroën Saxo VTSN13:01,359
51 SaizGermanBMW M3R53:04,618
52 ElizondoAndoniVolkswagen Golf IFL103:06,545
53 CorosoMontxoBMW E30R43:09,753
54 SchererBrunoPorsche 911 GT3GT63:30,084

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