Results Pujada PuigMajor Revival 2018

The Pujada PuigMajor Revival is an historic only hillclimb on Mallorca. The modern drivers are only allowed to compete on a 4,4 kilometre part of the road later this year. The historics were allowed to do the complete classic road of 8 kilometres. The large majority of drivers competed in the regularity. There were also a handful of drivers who competed in the speed hillclimb. You can find the results of the speed hillclimb below.

21/04/2018 – Pujada PuigMajor Revival
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarCl.Final
1 GalianaNadalFord Escort MK24:33,597
2 “Tacho”Ford Escort MK24:37,554
3 AguiloJaumeBMW M3 E304:40,700
4 SantandreuJordiRenault 5 Alpine4:46,699
5 CaballeroMarcelinoOpel Kadett C4:59,115
6 MayolLorenzoFord Escort MK15:02,457
7 NavarroBartolomé AlbertiSeat 1245:06,674
8 CastañerTommyLola T5205:07,338

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