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Results Harewood Hillclimb 2017

The British Hillclimb Championship had its third event in as many weeks at the Harewood Hill. Trevor Willis and Scott Moran divided the Run-Off victories here the last five years. That however changed this weekend as Will Hall managed to surprise both. Scott Moran was second while Alex Summers completed the podium. Willis did not make the first run-off as he spun in qualification.
In the second Run-Off Willis restored order and scored his fifth victory of the season. Richard Spedding was now second with Summers again in third. Dave Uren did not compete at Harewood because of an injury.

07/05/2017 – Harewood Hill – Run-Off 1
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarFinal
1 HallWilliamForce WH X-Tec50,48
2 MoranScottGould GR61X50,59
3 SummersAlexDJ Firestorm50,62
4 GouldSeanGould GR5950,90
5 SpeddingRichardGWR Raptor51,70
6 MourantJasonGould GR5552,16
7 HollierEdwardEmpire EVO52,49
8 MutchLeslieGWR Raptor52,80
9 PriceEynonGould GR5952,92
10 PickHarryOMS 2000V55,27
11 MenziesWallaceGould GR59
12 ChacksfieldJohnOMS 28

07/05/2017 – Harewood Hill – Run-Off 2
Pos.Last NameFirst NameCarFinal
1 WillisTrevorOMS 2850,53
2 SpeddingRichardGWR Raptor50,77
3 SummersAlexDJ Firestorm51,07
4 MoranScottGould GR61X51,24
5 MenziesWallaceGould GR5951,51
6 HollierEdwardEmpire EVO51,86
7 GouldSeanGould GR5951,91
8 HallWilliamForce WH X-Tec52,15
9 MutchLeslieGWR Raptor52,58
10 MourantJasonGould GR5552,86
11 WynnGrahamGould GR5553,39
12 FidoeSimonEmpire Wraith53,74

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